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Salome, 14 at her primary school. Salome ran away from home to escape FGM.

The stories behind the FGM statistics

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F. G. M. Three innocent letters. Yet for millions of girls they represent the end of their childhood and the beginning of a lifetime of misery. Worldwide an estimated 140 million women and girls have had female genital mutilation (FGM), but it's stories like these from Kenya which bring the horror of that statistic to life.

The types of tools used in FGM practices in West Pokot, Kenya

Imagine you’ve just had the most painful experience of your life, and then you’re left in a room for three months with your legs tied up so you can't escape. Then you’re married off against your will to an older man you’ve never met and he beats you every day. Damaris was just 11 when she had FGM. This is her story.

Hasha Kalcatcha, from the Borana tribe, using mobile technology to tackle hunger in Kenya

Innovation is crucial to ActionAid – it helps us to reach more people and have an even greater impact on the people we support who are living in poverty. Our global strategy calls for alternatives - new thinking and innovative approaches. Using mobile technology in Kenya is just one of many ways in which we're doing exactly that.

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Chepturu, 13, East Pokot, Kenya

Getting married at a young age isn’t something that most women or girls choose to do in the UK, but the fact of the matter is that we have a choice. Whereas in West Pokot, a rural area of Kenya I visited recently, a girl’s point of view doesn’t come into it.

Six-year-old Helena in Mozambique has to walk an hour a day each way to fetch and carry water from this well

Why is everyone talking about water?

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How often do you think about the water you’re using? I'll be honest, I don’t usually think about it too much. I get up, shower, brush my teeth, make coffee and so on. I always have access to water, I always have something to drink, which means I’m able to concentrate, I’m able to do my job, I stay healthy and I don’t get sick. But that isn’t the case for 800 million people worldwide who don’t have access to clean safe water, in places where a lack of water can mean life or death. This World Water Day we want to show you how water is changing lives for good for just some of the people we work with around the world.

Dinah Chepkamei, Programme Manager and women's rights champion for ActionAid Kenya

Fighting FGM in Kenya: A story of change

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I live in Kitale, in the eastern part of Kenya and I’ve been working for ActionAid since 2005. I was born and belong to this community, but unlike the majority of girls as I was growing up, I was lucky. Instead of being forced to have female genital mutilation (FGM) and enter into early marriage, my parents gave me an education.