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Linjenj, 8, at her grandmother's house, Lesotho

Thank you for Living Like Lesotho!

Posted in Blogs 5 years 4 months ago

A huge thank you to all the schools who celebrated this year's World Food Day by taking part in our fundraising challenge to Live Like Lesotho. 

Molupo Makhetha, aged 7, with her grandmother Malisemolo Mosola

It's World Food Day! And to mark the occasion we're introducing you to Makhetha, who lives with her grandmother and four of her cousins in Lesotho.

Ramatoli lives in Lesotho. This World Food Day, learn how his family are adapting to crop failure.

With World Food Day coming up on 16 October, now is the perfect time to explore the challenges of growing food around the world with your class.