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Tax is a building block of society and pays for essential public services that people living in poverty so badly need.

Making tax fair one treaty at a time

Posted in Blog 3 years 5 months ago

From launching the campaign for a fair UK-Malawi tax treaty to some exciting developments from our colleagues campaigning in Zambia and Ireland, it's been a busy few months for our Make Tax Fair campaign. Lots of progress has been made, but there's still a way to go yet. Read on to find out about the great news from Ireland and Zambia and how you can get more involved in our campaign. 

Jeanne, 14, from Rwanda holds sanitary towels provided by ActionAid.

Sanitary towels are not trivial, nice-to-have items - they’re essential tools in the fight against poverty and injustice. That’s why this Menstrual Hygiene Day, we’re talking about the importance of fighting period poverty. 

As the UK prepares to battle for points at Eurovision, we ask how well the country scores on tackling tax dodging.

As countries across Europe battle for first place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, we’re asking how they score on tackling global tax dodging. And I'm afraid it's bad news for the UK, with nul points on ActionAid's scoreboard. Read on to find out why.

The UK has unfair tax treaties with 13 developing countries.

Using our analysis of more than 500 tax treaties, ActionAid's new report, 'Mistreated', shows how these agreements negatively affect a developing country's ability to tax the profits from foreign owned companies who operate within their borders. Along with Italy, the UK has 13 of them! Here we take a look at what the research shows, as well as what this means for countries that are bound by them.

Chisomo Bullah, 22, standing in front of messages of solidarity to Malawi at ActionAid's campaigner conference 'Global Activism: Standing Together.'

Meet three amazing campaigners from ActionAid’s youth network, Activista, who are working on our Make Tax Fair campaign in Malawi. They’re pretty angry about the UK-Malawi tax treaty, which makes it possible for UK companies to get away with paying little or no tax in their country, and are fighting hard to get it changed.

A mother from Katakwi, eastern Uganda, holds a sign campaigning against tax dodging as part of our Tax Power Campaign in February 2014. Tax pays for essential services like healthcare and education.

5 things that didn't exist in 1955

Posted in Blog 3 years 9 months ago

A lot can happen in half a century. Whether it's votes for women or the civil rights movement, activists have certainly changed the world since 1955. But the unfair and frankly outdated 1955 tax treaty between the UK and Malawi is still in effect. Here we look at five things that didn't exist in 1955 and how far we've come since.  ​