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  • Because Naw Tar Lu Moo's mum is part of ActionAid's self-help group, she can now get to school safely.

    The amazing success of one women's group in Myanmar

    Posted in Blog 4 years 7 months ago

    In Myanmar, women usually bring in half the monthly wage of men, even for the same work, meaning they struggle to provide for their children. But when women come together to share and solve their problems, great things can happen. ActionAid has set up over 600 women's self-help groups in Myanmar, benefitting thousands of women - and their families.Mum of two, Naw Mway Rae Paw, is part of her local group in the rural communities of Pathein West, southern Mynanmar. Thanks to group training, she has not only inproved her income but can now send her 11-year-old daughter, Naw Tar Lu Moo, to school safely. Read more

  • Myanmar (Burma)

    Myanmar (Burma)

    Posted 5 years 1 month ago

    ActionAid has been working in Myanmar (Burma), since 2001. Learn more about Myanmar, the issues the country faces and what ActionAid is doing to support women and girls, including communities affected by Covid-19. Read more

  • Naw Judi helping her son Saw Htwal Gay take a bath outside their home. They are one of 56 families who now have access to clean, fresh water thanks to ActionAid child sponsorship.

    Child sponsorship brings water to this Myanmar village

    Posted in Blog 5 years 1 month ago

    In the Delta region of Myanmar, accessing clean safe drinking water is one of the biggest challenges faced by communities. The area is so close to the sea, that almost all the rivers and creeks are contaminated with salty water. Thanks to child sponsorship, we have been working with families in the district of Pathein West to instal fresh safe water. Look at the photos below to see the difference that something as simple as clean water is making to women and children in Myanmar. Read more

  • Say Doh Soe, 5, enjoying learning at an ActionAid funded Early Child Development Centre in Pathein West, Myanmar.

    Sponsorship: giving children a better start in Myanmar

    Posted in Blog 5 years 3 months ago

    Evidence has shown that a good education during children's early years gives them a much better chance to succeed in school, but in many rural areas in Myanmar where I work, pre-schools are almost non-existent, and those that do exist are often poorly staffed and under resourced.Thanks to child sponsorship, we have been able to work with families in Pathein West to change this. See the pictures below to see the difference sponsorship is making to children and the whole community. Read more

  • One of thousands of families who have lost their homes because of the floods in Myanmar

    Myanmar: the worst flooding in decades

    Posted in Blog 5 years 4 months ago

    At the end of July, South Asia witnessed some of the worst flooding seen in decades. Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India have seen hundreds killed and millions affected. The worst affected area is Myanmar, where even before the flooding, over half the population did not have enough to eat. Myanmar Country Director, Shihab Uddin Ahamad, updates us on what the situation is like on the ground and how he and his staff are helping the people worst affected by this crisis. Read more

  • Flash floods in Myanmar have washed away homes and vital infrastructure.

    Flash floods devastate villages in Myanmar

    Posted in Blog 5 years 5 months ago

    Devastating flash floods in south Asia have made tens of thousands of people homeless, as heavy monsoon rains sweep away buildings, roads and bridges across the region. ActionAid Myanmar is rapidly mobilising teams to help those impacted by the crisis. So far, these teams have already provided emergency support to 1,500 of the most vulnerable people, by supplying them with food, water, purifying tablets, medicine and clothes. Read more