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Emilia listens to students reading at the Annaso school in Girar Jarso community, Ethiopia.

ActionAid ambassador, actress Emilia Fox travelled to Ethiopia, where over a quarter of the population live below the poverty line. Her diary highlights how helping women and children in extreme poverty helps to change their lives.

Women like Suljhana, 30, in Nepal, are struggling to cope with their periods after the Nepal earthquakes

A year ago I wrote a blog about periods; 'The worst period of her life: putting myself in her shoes'.  A year on, we are still hearing stories like Suljhana's from Nepal. On World Menstrual Hygiene Day, find out why periods matter during a humanitarian crisis. 

Mugunga refugee camp, the Democratic Republic of Congo

How does a girl cope with her period during a humanitarian crisis? Our appeal "The worst period of her life" aims to help women retain their dignity during the hardest times in their lives.