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Janratul is only 12 months old, but she and her family are climate refugees; forced to abandon their home in Bangladesh because of flooding

How climate change is causing a refugee crisis

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In parts of Africa and Asia, a quiet refugee crisis is unfolding. Today an estimated 60 million people are either living as refugees or have been forced from their homes - the highest number in history. When we think of refugees, we often think of war. And the conflict in Syria and elsewhere has turned millions of people into refugees, but many people have also been left without a home because of the threats of El Niño and climate change.

Children at Mora Primary School spend an afternoon learning about refugees.

Last week, I, my fellow staff and over 500 pupils at Mora Primary School in Cricklewood celebrated our 'International Day'. As usual, the children burst through the front gates as they brought in home-cooked food and couldn't wait to show off their traditional dress from around the world. But for all the fun and excitement, this year I chose to teach them about a rather more serious subject - the refugee crisis.

5 years on from the start of the war in Syria, 5-year-old Rasal has known nothing but bombs, fighting and fear.

Syria 5 years on: time for action not words

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Tuesday 15th March marks five years since the start of the conflict in Syria, a grim anniversary of the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War and the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. In the last five years, half of Syria’s pre-war population — more than 11 million people — have been killed or forced to flee their homes. Rasal is one of them. She was born into the crisis. At five years old, the only world she's ever known is war.

We distribute sanitary kits like this to women in emergencies. This kit is for a refugee woman on Lesvos.

Why everyone's talking about periods

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‘The blob’, ‘Aunty Flow’, "Shark Week" - there are nearly 5000 euphemisms for periods. We want to end the secrecy around menstruation so girls and women can go to school and work without stigma or shame. 

Refugee mum holding her baby on Lesvos

This Mother's Day the biggest choice I’ll be making will be whether to take mum out for afternoon tea or cook her dinner. But for refugee mothers, caring for their families this week will mean making choices with life or death consequences.

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A mother comforts her young son as they arrive on Lesvos. Many refugee mothers have lost their children or other family members on their journey

As I was eating lunch with my three-year-old over the weekend, I heard a radio interview with Jamal, who had lost 13 members of his family as they fled the conflict in Syria. They had drowned trying to reach the safety of Europe. My son, oblivious to the tragedy unfolding on air, chatted happily to me as he ate his sandwiches, excited about visiting his granny in the afternoon. As a child growing up in the UK with friends and family within walking distance of his home, his life is full of certainty and security.