Helping women beat food insecurity

Thanks to supporters like you, ActionAid helped 42-year-old Fatou in The Gambia to escape the food crisis and create a sustainable future for herself and her family.

ActionAid works with communities to develop long-lasting solutions to food shortages. Erratic rainfall and rising food costs can cause poor harvests, so we provide:

  • seeds and farming products to help farmers get the most out of their next harvest
  • farming skills so women and girls can become economically independent
  • food and water for livestock
  • skills diversification training, so nobody relies on one type of income
  • better irrigation to ensure there is sufficient drinking water and water for crops throughout the year.

Thank you for supporting people in The Gambia. Your support is helping to change the lives of women and girls living in poverty - for good.

Page updated 1 February 2021