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Welcome to our Happy Home: Helping homeless girls in Bangladesh

Thanks to people like you, we can run this home in Bangladesh where homeless girls can get off the streets of Dhaka, into school and learn new skills. Happy Homes has helped hundreds of girls so far and, thanks to you, we’ll be able to reach many more.

Watch the video to see how 10-year-old Salma and 15-year-old Aklima’s lives have changed for the better in our Happy Home!


Why do girls live on the streets in Bangladesh?

Poverty is one reason. Aklima (one of the girls featured in our video) was forced onto the streets after her father died and her mother was too poor to feed her.

Sometimes children are abandoned. This is likely to happen to girls in particular when parents cannot feed their children. 

Many girls move to the city to work as domestic help, but bad treatment means they end up running away. When Salma worked as a maid she lived in constant fear of her boss, who threatened to abuse her.


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