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Cookies on the ActionAid website

Cookies are small data files which are downloaded from a website to your computer, tablet or mobile while you browse. They aim to make the site easier to use. They may store details such as your personal settings or what you have in a shopping cart, so you don’t need to enter the information again. We use cookies to ensure you see the correct content on our site, to get a better overall idea of how people use our website, and to help us improve the user experience.

Using cookies does not allow us to identify users personally — the information gathered is completely anonymous.

Social media cookies

We use tools on this site to enable you to share content with your social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. When you share information, these sites will set a cookie. ActionAid has no control over this, so if you are concerned, you should check the relevant site for their cookie policy. 

Managing and deleting cookies

It is usually possible to disable cookies in your browser, or to stop it from accepting cookies from our website and third party services.

You can find settings to control and manage cookies in the options or preferences section of your browser:

If you are concerned about third party cookies, such as those generated by advertising platforms, the Your Online Choices site allows you to control and turn off third-party cookies.

The companies providing these advertising platforms are represented by a trade body called Network Advertising Initiative – their site provides detailed information about such companies. They have also provided a website you can use to control third-party online advertising.

Please note that these websites mention many more third-party advertising and tracking services than ActionAid uses. The services we use are listed below.

What cookies does ActionAid UK use?

Cookie name Set by Purpose
Cookies set by ActionAid UK
shownsurveycheck ActionAid UK Allows us to check if we’ve shown you a request to fill out a survey on our website so we don’t show it again.
has_js ActionAid UK Set by our website to allow users with JavaScript turned off to be delivered appropriate content.
cookie-agreed ActionAid UK Stores whether the user has been displayed and agreed to the EU cookie consent dialog box.
action%5Faid ActionAid UK Allows ActionAid UK to see which website pages have been viewed during a visit. This information is all completely anonymous and visits cannot be linked back to individuals.
device, device_type ActionAid UK Allows different content to be served to users dependent on the type of device they’re using to view the website.
frontend, frontend_cid ActionAid UK Set by our donation platform magento to allow users to make donations.
csrftoken ActionAid UK Set by our website on pages that contain web forms to ensure that the form is being submitted by a genuine user.
_wiou, _wios ActionAid UK WUFRL device type detection script, so we can record the class of device a supporter is using when making a donation – e.g. phone, tablet etc so we can make sure our donation forms work well on our supporter’s most commonly used devices.
Cookies set by third parties
__adal_ca, __adal_cw, __adal_id, __adal_ses Adalyser Used by Adalyser to allow us to understand how visitors arrive at the website. We use the information gathered to improve customer journeys and website functionality. All data collected via this method is anonymous.
IDE DoubleClick Used by Google to allow us to see where we have been successful in attracting users to our site so we are able to target more efficiently in future, which saves money.
_fbp Facebook Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers.
zarget_user_id, zarget_visitor_info, fm_sid_* Freshmarketer Used by Freshmarketer to allow us to understand how visitors use our website using an A/B testing tool and heat maps. We use the information gathered to improve the user experience of our website. All data collected via this method is anonymous.
_gcl_au Google AdSense Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement effciency across websites using their services
_tq_id, _gid, _ga, _gat_UA-39397665-1 Google Analytics Used by Google Analytics to allow us to understand the way visitors use our site. It includes data on pages viewed, where you found our website and how much time you spend on the site. We use the information gathered to improve the user experience of our website. All data collected via this method is anonymous.
SID, SAPISID, APISID, SSID, HSID, NID, PREF Google Maps Google set these cookies on any page that includes a Google Map. They allow Google to record map usage, and store preferences such as zoom level.
_dc_gtm Google Tag Manager Used by Google Tag Manager to add third party JavaScript to pages and to allow us to track when people make donations on our website. All data collected via this method is anonymous.
checkout-live-session, __stripe_sid, __stripe_mid Stripe Used by our payment processor, Stripe, to take donations from the ActionAid UK website.
TV Squared Used by TV Squared for the optimisation of TV advertising by tracking sessions and conversion timings in relation to TV ad spot air times. All data collected via this method is anonymous.


Page updated 17 June 2019