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Left to right: Leona Gomo, Jimisha Dahn, Wyvatta Vivian Kamara, Finda Callende and Elizabeth Gbah are encouraging women to raise their voices in Liberia

In seven universities across Monrovia, Liberia's capital, a small revolution is happening. Fed up with sexual harassment and abuse, a group of female students is fighting back, using their own radio show to protect and promote women’s rights on campus, supported by ActionAid Liberia.Women Speak's different chapters work on different issues, led by the concerns of female students, but they all offer a safe space where women can come together, support one another and raise issues to campaign on – from sexual harassment to the right to wear what they want. 

15-year-old Alpha in Sierra Leone proudly holds his certificate proving that he is Ebola-free

As the Ebola outbreak is officially declared over​, Mike – who led our team heading up ActionAid's emergency repsonse in Sierra Leone and Liberia –​ reflects on the devastating effects that the disease has had across West Africa and calls on the international community to invest in recovery and to help rebuild shattered lives.

Members of the Women Speak forum at United Methodist University take part in a radio show to highlight gender issues in Liberia

A shocking one in three women will face violence in her lifetime. In the run up to International Safe Cities for Women Day, on 20 May, we’re highlighting just how much of this takes place on the streets of their own cities. Cities can have huge potential for the world’s poorest women and girls, but the constant threat of violence is holding far too many back. Here’s why ActionAid are shouting about it from Australia to Zimbabwe, and how you can show your support.

Hawa has been working tirelessly within her community to encourage handwashing and stop the spread of Ebola

Washing your hands might seem like a very simple and unremarkable thing to do. But this small act can help save lives. On Global Handwashing Day, we look at how spreading awareness of the importance of handwashing, and providing soap and buckets needed to do it, has helped to bring the Ebola crisis under control in Sierra Leone. 

Bandor, 13, is an ActionAid sponsored child. She lost her granny, who raised her after her parents died, to Ebola.

What’s happened to the orphans of Ebola?

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Three years ago I travelled to Sierra Leone. Of all the incredible people I met it was the women and girls whose indefatigable attitude to life bowled me over. But since the Ebola outbreak in 2014, heartbreakingly over 12,000 children have been left orphaned in Sierra Leone. What is life like for Ebola orphans and the women supporting them now? 

Six-year-old Helena in Mozambique has to walk an hour a day each way to fetch and carry water from this well

Why is everyone talking about water?

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How often do you think about the water you’re using? I'll be honest, I don’t usually think about it too much. I get up, shower, brush my teeth, make coffee and so on. I always have access to water, I always have something to drink, which means I’m able to concentrate, I’m able to do my job, I stay healthy and I don’t get sick. But that isn’t the case for 800 million people worldwide who don’t have access to clean safe water, in places where a lack of water can mean life or death. This World Water Day we want to show you how water is changing lives for good for just some of the people we work with around the world.