A new ActionAid report reveals that the Nigerian people lost out on a whopping US$3.3 billion after some of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies were given a ‘holiday’ from paying tax. Here’s what this means for the people of Nigeria, and why women and girls are the hardest hit. 


Tackle Blue Monday head on!

Alessandra Arnott – Fundraising team

Today is Blue Monday - the day "scientifically" calculated as the most depressing day of the year, when you're still suffering from the post-Christmas slump, and you realise you've already failed to keep up all those positive New Year's resolutions. But fear not! We all know that exercise is a great way of boosting those endorphins, helping your body and your mind to feel great. So if you need a little extra #MondayMotivation today, then we have just the challenge for you: Tough Mudder. 


Why 2016 is a big year for women

Cora Bauer – Senior Media Officer

2016 marks the start of another important year for women. From politics and arts, to fighting for equal pay and an end to violence, we explore what the world looks like for women in 2016. How are we breaking the glass ceiling and what are the barriers still holding us back?


Ebola outbreak in West Africa is over.. now recovery must begin

Mike Noyes – Head of Humanitarian Response

Update 22 Jan: Tragically, a woman who had been caring for someone who died of Ebola in Sierra Leone has been infected with the virus, heightening fears of another flare-up just days after West Africa was declared officially free of the disease. This is the second new case to be identified in a week, again reminding us the necessity for good healthcare system.

Update 15 January: Sadly, barely was the outbreak declared over, when it re-emerged following a confirmed case in Sierra Leone near the Guinea border.  This is of great concern, but hopefully the skills in disease control and contact-tracing will help limit the risk quickly. It reminds us that vigilance continues to be a high priority and that strong health services are needed to protect people in the region.

Mike – who led our team heading up ActionAid's emergency repsonse in Sierra Leone and Liberia –​ reflects on the devastating effects that the disease has had across West Africa and calls on the international community to invest in recovery and to help rebuild shattered lives.


In October 2015 I volunteered with ActionAid on a First Hand Experience in Mozambique. The project was simple. On the grounds of a local hospital, and working alongside local people, we helped build a centre for victims of violence that would offer legal, health, police and support services. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.


A cheeky pint vs a coat that could save a life

Natalia Fricker – Digital Communications

Like so many others, one of my new year’s resolutions is to do dry January. Today, new recommendations on reduced alcohol consumption will no doubt encourage more people to drink less. One of our supporters has set himself a sponsorship challenge to go six months without a drop of alcohol, which got me thinking: what could I do to make dry January a really positive experience?