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  • Girl-led research

    An illustration shows girls' struggle for safety on their streets. Photo: ActionAid

    How has patriarchy affected girlhood?

    Posted 9 Oct 2023

    On International Day of the Girl, Community Campaigners delve into the enduring effects of patriarchy on girls and girlhood, highlighting conversations about equality, justice, and the ways girls are fighting back.

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  • Why I am a feminist

    Join ActionAid as a supporter or campaigner, and you could help fight for feminism and human rights around the world. Photo: Daniel Jukes/ActionAid

    Why I am a feminist

    Posted 1 Mar 2023

    Why are you a feminist? To celebrate International Women's Day, we put this question to ActionAid community campaigners. Read why they consider themselves feminists - and why it's important to them.

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  • Women campaigning for street lights in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to make the cities' streets safer for women. Photo: ActionAid

    #MeToo: Four reflections five years on

    Posted 14 Oct 2022

    Five years on from the rise of #MeToo, four ActionAid UK Community Campaigners share their reflections on how the movement changed things and where it's headed next.

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