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Muslim communities fighting against climate change

Varou Mat is a mother and nursery school teacher while her husband fishes for a living. They live in a fishing community in a village in Kampot, Cambodia.

Varou Mat has seen first hand the devastation caused by climate change in Cambodia and how it's affecting local fisherfolk and their children. She wanted to help and she decided to volunteer as a women's champion. 

As extreme floods and droughts have meant less fish in the rivers and lakes, she is worried that her husband and her community's income and livelihood will be destroyed. 

Varou Mat also knows that when her community is affected it has a knock-on effect on children.

When fishing is suspended, they have nothing left. They do not have farms or other occupations. They have no choice but to force their children to drop out of school to work... Children often miss their classes to help their families earn money."

Since receiving ActionAid training, Varou Mat has been encouraging her fellow villagers to move away from fishing and to look at other sources of food and income, such as growing vegetables. She hopes this means families can sustain themselves and that children can continue their education. 

Varou Mat is a women's champion

Cindy Liu/ActionAid

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Give before 4 June and your donation will be doubled by the UK Government. This means if you sign up to a new regular gift before 4 June your donation will be doubled for up to three months. 

We will be able to train and support even more Women Champions, who can play important roles in making long-term decisions to keep their communities safe from the effects of climate change. 

The matched funding from the UK Government will go directly to support our Women-Led Alternatives to Climate Change project in Cambodia and your donation will fund ActionAid’s work with women and girls wherever the need is greatest.

    This project is just one example of ActionAid’s work. Your regular donation may not go towards this project. It will be used where it is needed most to further ActionAid’s general charitable purposes.

    Image: Muslim children of Gujjar community at a madrasa in Chamba. Credit: Raul Irani Kirmani/ActionAid

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