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Payroll giving

Payroll giving is an easy way for anyone who pays income tax in the UK to give regularly to charity. It is also the most tax efficient way to give to ActionAid.

Your regular gift is sent to us before tax is deducted from your pay, meaning the money that would have gone to the Inland Revenue goes directly to ActionAid, helping support even more women and children living in poverty around the world.

Every £1 you donate will cost you 80p, or if you are a higher rate tax payer every £1 will cost you just 60p (the taxman pays the rest).

How do I become a payroll giver?

You can sign up to payroll giving in three easy steps:

  1. Check with your company’s payroll department to make sure your employer has a payroll giving scheme in place.
  2. If they do, let them know the monthly amount you want to give.
  3. Fill in our online form to start giving a regular gift to ActionAid through your payroll.

Set up your donation online today

Can I give any amount?

Yes. You can give a regular gift from just £1 a week. A regular donation like this helps ensure we can make long term change for the world’s poorest women and children.

  • £15 a month could help provide literacy classes for women to earn an independent income
  • £10 a month could help a woman set up and sustain a chicken-breeding business to help her earn a living
  • £3 a month could help provide hygiene kits for girls to help them manage their periods with dignity


Page updated 12 December 2017