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Over 16 million people are facing devastating food shortages caused by sustained drought and conflict in East Africa.

People are already dying in South Sudan, Somalia (including Somaliland) Kenya and Ethiopia, and if we don’t act immediately, hundreds of thousands more are at risk of dying of starvation, infection and disease

We are facing the worst humanitarian disaster this century. Our local staff are on the ground right now, working with communities to respond to the crisis with food and water distribution, but the situation is critical – and getting worse. 

East Africa Crisis Appeal

ActionAid is raising money for the DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal – 13 aid agencies working together at times of disasters and emergencies. Together, we are delivering life-saving assistance in all of the affected countries. 

In Somalia, where ActionAid works in the region of Somaliland, we have already distributed 6,000 tonnes of food and thousands of litres of water. So far, we have reached over 13,000 people, like Hinda and her family. 

35-year-old Hinda and her children were forced to leave their home in search of food and water. What they found instead was a trail of carcasses: cattle, goats and camels – the backbone of the country’s economy.

"There is no food. For the last year everything has been dying. The animals will eat anything they find, rubbish, stones, anything. They fall sick and then they die. I'm hungry. My children are hungry,” says Hinda.

£50 could help to feed a family for a month


East Africa crisis facts

  • Somalia: 6.2 million people urgently need help. 80 per cent of livestock has been wiped out in Somaliland.
  • Ethiopia: 5.6 million people need urgent food aid; three million mothers and children are acutely malnourished.
  • Kenya: 2.7 million people need humanitarian aid. Women and girls are walking up to nine kilometres in search of water, say ActionAid reports.