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Nafisa gave birth in an overcrowded camp without any medical help or essentials.

Nafisa and her newborn are struggling to survive without food, water and medicine.

Photo: Karin Shermbrucker/ActionAid

Women like Nafisa are living on the edge of survival

20-year-old Nafisa recently gave birth in an overcrowded camp in Somaliland without the help of a midwife or any medical aid. 

She has nothing to dress or wash her baby with and she is so weak that she can’t move from her shelter at all. 

Like thousands of other Somaliland women, who lost their land and livestock to the drought, Nafisa left her home to travel on foot to a camp in order to survive.

The future seems bleak from where Nafisa stands.

It’s so painful when you have a small baby and you have nothing…[We need a] house with a toilet. It’s so difficult when you have a baby and you don’t have a toilet. You need a shower, you need to wash…”

This Christmas, we know Nafisa can’t wait: for food, for water and for shelter. 

With little food, no water, no shelter and no toilets, she can’t survive. 

She needs life-saving aid. 

There are millions like Nafisa around the world. They can’t wait much longer for help.

Help us show these women and girls that they’re not alone and not forgotten. Please donate to our appeal today.

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How are we helping

Even when the rest of the world turns its attention away from an emergency, we remain on the ground, supporting women and girls as they rebuild their lives and the lives of their families.

  • We have distributed 800 women’s survival kits in total across the camps  in Somaliland so far this year. 
  • We are currently providing 725 families with cash to buy food and medicine. 
  • And we have trained and set up a women’s coalition in every camp supporting women to take leadership roles. 

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This project is just one example of ActionAid’s work. Your regular donation may not go towards this project. It will be used where it is needed most to further ActionAid’s general charitable purposes.

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Page updated 13 November 2019