Give girls a hand

Wherever they grow up in the world, adolescence can be a tough time for girls.

We know that girls are brave, and resilient. But too often they are undervalued, mistreated and underestimated - just because they're girls.

Some girls never even have the chance to shape their own lives, because they're forced into marriage and childbirth while still children themselves, locked out of education, or subject to violence and abuse.

That's why ActionAid is working to support girls around the world to escape child marriage, fight gender-based violence and get the education that is their right. 

Girls are amazing - and they have amazing potential. Please give £7 a month to give girls a hand.

How can my donation help?

  • Give girls a hand

    Ending child marriage

    Around the world today, there are thousands of girls who are standing up against early and forced marriage. Your donation could help them to choose if, when and who they want to marry.

  • Give girls a hand

    Fighting gender-based violence

    Millions of girls face violence like rape, female genital mutilation (FGM) and sexual exploitation every year. But you could help courageous women and girls to stand up to violence, by funding women-led projects that support survivors and help them to get justice.

  • Give girls a hand

    Helping girls to stay in school

    Education – especially of women and girls – transforms lives and communities. But around the world, nine million girls of primary school age will never start school or set foot in a classroom. Your donation could fund projects that help girls to stay in education, so they can lead change in their communities.

ActionAid's work supporting girls' rights

Around the world, adolescent girls are challenging patriarchy and leading change in their communities.

ActionAid's work is designed to support these girls and help them claim their rights, rather than telling them what it is they need. In short, we put women and girls in the driver's seat.

For example, we run trainings and workshops where girls can learn about their rights and campaign for an end to forced marriage.

We fund grassroots Women's Networks that provide domestic violence shelters and legal services for survivors of gender-based violence

And we support Girls' Clubs, where young girls can get equal access to education.

If you believe every girl deserves to shape her own future, please join us today.

I'm ready to donate

17-year-old Esha took part in a girl-led research project with ActionAid, and attended training where she learned about her rights

Faheba Monir/ActionAid

16-year-old Mim, from Bangladesh, has taken part in a girl-led research project with ActionAid. She's also taken part in an ActionAid-supported training about child marriage, periods and and child labour.

Page updated 5 October 2022