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How we're helping Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar

Since thousands of Rohingya refugees fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh, a huge humanitarian response has swung into action. ActionAid has taken a women-led, women-centred approach, providing vital aid and long-term support.

  • Working closely with women-led committees in the camps, we’ve provided safe drinking water, food, blankets, alternative cooking fuel and access to washrooms to more than 40,000 refugees
  • We've distributed thousands of hygiene kits containing sanitary products, clean underwear and soap, so refugee women and girls can manage their periods safely, and with dignity.
  • With the arrival of the monsoon season, we began using sand bags and fencing to stabilize areas that are vulnerable to landslides.
  • We've installed 15 water and sanitation service blocks, each consisting of 4 toilets and 2 bathing spaces.
  • We've created 6 ‘women-friendly’ spaces – places in the camp where only women and girls are allowed to enter. Here women can process their trauma, be safe from violence, and plan for the future.

We're also helping to train women with skills like sewing, so they can build a livelihood in the future.


ActionAid's work with refugee women and girls

ActionAid is an international charity that works to end violence against women and girls and support women to help them change their own lives, for good. 

We know violence against women and girls increases during all emergencies, especially during displacement and conflict. Women and girls are more at risk of violence including mass rape, sexual slavery, forced pregnancy, forced 'marriages' and being forced to offer sex in exchange for food or shelter. Extreme poverty can put pressure on families to ‘marry off’ their daughters to someone who can provide for them. 

That’s why, as part of our work around the world, we support refugees with life-saving humanitarian aid, including food, safe drinking water, shelter and hygiene kits including sanitary protection. This is just one of the ways we work to reduce poverty and end violence against women and girls.

And in the long term, we work to rebuild communities and strengthen their resilience. ActionAid trains women in leadership skills and disaster preparedness so that they are better equipped to lead their communities – in times of crisis and beyond. But to continue this long-term support, we need your help.

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Page updated 31 March 2020