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For just 65p a day, your class or school can change a child’s life for good when you become a sponsor with ActionAid.

Your support could transform the life of a girl like eleven-year-old Jharna from Bangladesh. Thanks to child sponsorship, she is the first member of her family to go to school, and spends her free time at her local ActionAid centre where she can play in safety with her friends.

Through our child sponsorship programme we can reach more girls like Jharna. Your sponsorship would make a huge difference to a child in need - ensuring they have enough to eat, an education and hope for the future.

As their only sponsor, your pupils will have a special relationship with your sponsored child and get a unique insight into their life. Sponsor a child today and see for yourself the difference your support can make.

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What happens when I sponsor a child?

As soon as you sign up, we’ll send a welcome pack with a photo of the child you’re sponsoring and their story so far. 

You’ll go on a journey together, with two handwritten messages a year from your child about themself and their life – they might be letters, drawings, or postcards. Over time you’ll get a new photo at special milestones so you can see them grow and thrive.

Your pupils can write back to their sponsored child. Through sending and receiving messages they will develop a one-to-one relationship and gain a unique insight into the change they are helping to create.

Child sponsorship items

Messages, photos and drawings from sponsored children

What teachers say about sponsoring a child

Our school sponsors Richard from Tanzania. He is the same age as many pupils, likes football, loves maths, and wants to be a doctor. He lost his parents to AIDS, and feels responsible for his two younger siblings.

The children have written to Richard, and have been delighted to receive letters back. This individual and personal tie has made the difference to so many of our children."

Denise Harris, Cranford Church of England Primary School


What will my child sponsorship pay for?

  • Action Aid Porridge Feeding Program at Saunyama Primary School in Nyanga District ActionAid’s feeding programme is supplying 11 primary schools with enough porridge for lunch three days a week.


    Nutritious meals for children and seeds and livestock for families to grow their own food

  • Students Abigail (R) and Purity (L) in class at school in West Pokot, Kenya.


    Schoolbooks, fees, equipment and even a whole new school building in the sponsored child’s community

  • Puthy, a secure livelihood of model farmers thanks to ActionAid intervention.

    Clean water

    Building wells, purifying water sources, and better sanitation facilities

  • Improving birthing centers to strengthen communities


    Medical and dental clinics, basic medical supplies and health education

How is my sponsorship money spent?

  • 80% of the donations we receive through child sponsorship goes overseas (whilst 20% is spent in the UK on raising awareness and finding more supporters).
  • Of the 80% overseas gift, 70% goes directly to your sponsored child’s community or, if there is an exceptional need such as a life-threatening emergency, another community within their country.
  • The remaining 30% is used to fund other vital work in developing countries, and running child sponsorship so that you can receive messages from your sponsored child, and hear how your gift is changing lives.

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Page updated 26 November 2019