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Child sponsorship

Amina (eight) and Farah (ten) are living in an emergency camp in Somaliland due to climate change-related drought

Child sponsorship with ActionAid is one of the most rewarding ways to change a child’s life. It’s also a surprising way to help fight the effects of climate change. Find out how.

9 year-old Kavya (far right) who had never studied art before was able to join art classes through her child sponsorship programme at school.

Education is empowering. That’s why, this International Day of Education, we’re championing every girl’s right to education. Find out why so many girls don’t get to go to school - and the incredible benefits of giving girls the opportunity to study,

How to sponsor a child: your questions answered

How does child sponsorship work, how is your money spent, and how does it benefit the sponsored child? We answer your most frequently asked questions about child sponsorship.

Sponsor a girl this Day of the Girl

Sponsor a girl this Day of the Girl

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Sponsor a child with ActionAid for just 65p a day. Your sponsorship will help a child in one of the poorest countries in the world. Become a child sponsor now.

"If I met my sponsor I would thank them for the support they give me and the other children in my village," said 11-year-old Fahima from Ghana, seen here drawing a picture for her sponsor.

Top tips on writing to your sponsored child

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Time and time again children from around the world tell us how much they love to receive letters from you - their sponsors, their overseas friends. Children's laughter rings out as they look at the letters and photos delivered by our local staff. It takes just a few minutes to write a letter - but the effect is everlasting. The friendship formed through child sponsorship is a powerful thing, and one of the reasons why I wanted to share with you the happiness your letters bring and encourage you to write.    

Feda'a works for ActionAid in the occupied Palestinian territory, where she helps to support girls traumatised by conflict

Feda'a works for Al Aqsa Sports Club, ActionAid's partner in the Middle Area of the Gaza Strip in the occupied Palestinian territory. Working so closely with children and the local community, and as a mother of seven herself, she has seen first hand the physical and psychological impacts of war in Gaza on the very young. She describes the difficulties that girls in particular are facing right now, and how ActionAid's work is making a crucial difference.