Millions of lives are at stake as the coronavirus pandemic hits countries already suffering from war and instability. 

Imagine having to leave everything behind to keep your family safe, only to face a new, silent threat: Covid-19. This is the reality for people living in tents and makeshift shelters, without running water or enough food, in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Bangladesh - making them extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. 

In these places, the virus is likely to be even more deadly than it has been here.

There are not enough hospital beds or supplies to treat those who fall ill. But, as we have seen in the UK, simple measures can make a huge difference.

If we act now to protect millions of vulnerable people, many lives can be saved. 

How your fundraising could help

Will need your help to:

  • provide families with clean water, soap and information on keeping themselves safe;
  • provide frontline medical and aid workers with equipment and supplies to care for the vulnerable and sick;
  • ensure families get enough food to prevent malnutrition, particularly children.

If we act now to protect millions of vulnerable refugees and displaced people, many lives can be saved.

Fundraise for the Coronavirus Appeal


Top three fundraising tips

  • 1

    Set up a JustGiving page to support the appeal. From completing an on the spot 10k, to asking your friends and family to donate the cost of their commute, there are lots of creative ways to fundraise during this time.

  • 2

    Challenge your family or friends to a squat, lunge or push up challenge. Each person donates £5 to your JustGiving page, and whoever manages to do the most repititions wins.

  • 3

    From online quizzes to masterclasses, there are lots of at home fundraising ideas to choose from. If you need some inspiration get in touch with our Events Team by emailing

ActionAid's response so far

ActionAid is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic in over 40 countries, and we plan to reach more than 15 million people by the end of 2020

£30 could provide six displaced families with enough soap for a month to keep themselves clean and safe. 

£50 could provide essential hygiene kits to two displaced families. 

£100 could provide enough basic PPE for one frontline health worker for four months. 

Together, we’re making a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people, but there’s so much more to do. If we act now, many more lives can be saved.

Fundraise for the Coronavirus Appeal

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    Page updated 29 October 2020