Southern Africa Food Crisis Response

Event: How are women smallholder farmers tackling climate change and food security?

Right now, women and girls are living on the frontline of the climate crisis. They are most likely to suffer its devastating consequences, yet are often excluded from their communities’ plans to adapt and respond.

But when women and girls are equipped to lead the fight against climate change, whole communities benefit.

This is where agroecology comes in, a farming approach that benefits the earth, builds resilience to climate shocks and creates fair and sustainable food systems. Its methods are sensitive to ecosystems and can lead to poverty reduction, food and nutrition security, women and youth empowerment, and biodiversity and climate resilience. 

ActionAid help women to develop climate-resilient, sustainable livelihoods, with which they can support and feed their families and communities. We train women farmers in soil conservation, crop diversity, seed banks and water management. We support women to access land rights, particularly through Women’s Groups, where they learn about their legal rights and how to assert them.  

We run cooperative farming schemes, supporting women to access livestock, seeds and tools. We work with social movements to challenge destructive industrial agriculture, support market access and advocate for public financing for women smallholders. We place value on millions of women farmers and indigenous communities who feed communities and care for the planet. 

Join us to learn more about agroecology and how you can help more women smallholder farmers to feed their families and communities while protecting the biodiversity and improving their resilience to climate change. 

This event will include video storytelling and we will be joined by expert speakers.

Our host Suffiatu Rashidatu Allieu-Moigboi - Communications Coordinator of ActionAid Sierra Leone - will be joined by: 

  • Janet Murungi, Local Rights Program & Supporter Care Coordinator at ActionAid Rwanda
  • Alberta Guerra, Senior Policy Analyst at ActionAid USA
  • Ayuba Abukari, Programme Manager at ActionAid Ghana

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Date: Wednesday 18th May 2022

Time: 12:30-13:30 (UK)

Location: Webinar

In response to the Southern Africa Food Crisis, 2020-21, activities included training smallholder farmers on agroecology farming techniques to increase crop yield and adapt to the impact of the changing climate. Joseph Tembo/ActionAid

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