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Where your money goes

Ajmira, 30, and an ActionAid womens group fighting for independence in their communities, India

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters, we’re able to have a big impact on the lives of the women and children we work with.

Our aim is to make sure your donations go as far as possible.

How we invested your money in 2015

ActionAid in the UK spent £63.5 million in 2015. 85% of this was on charitable activities (compared to 88% in 2014).

Our charitable activities include grants to the ActionAid Federation, emergency and humanitarian work, campaigning and policy influencing in the UK and overseas, and education work in the UK.

Take a look at the pie chart below to see the exact figures and the kinds of things we invest your money in.

To see the figures in more detail, you can download our annual reports and accounts or go to the International Aid Transparency Initiative website.

Our expenditure in 2015

Area of expenditure (£m) %
Raising funds

This includes fundraising costs such as child sponsorship, appeals and grants, relevant staff salaries in the Fundraising and Public Engagement departments, and advertising.

9.4 14.8%
Grants to ActionAid International & Federation members

This is the money raised in the UK to reduce poverty, that is passed on to other member countries of the Federation to fund their programme work.

37.3 58.7%
Emergency and humanitarian response

This includes funding spent on our responses to the Ebola epidemic in Liberia and Sierra Leone, the refugee crisis in Greece and the two earthquakes in Nepal, and relevant staff salaries in our Humanitarian team.

8.5 13.4%
Campaigning and policy influencing

This includes the costs of our campaigns on tax justice and women’s rights in partnership with other countries across the Federation, and relevant staff salaries in our Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns teams.

4.9 7.7%
Education work

This includes the costs of our education and communications materials that build understanding of development issues amongst young people in the UK, and relevant staff salaries in our Schools team.

3.4 5.4%
Total 63.5  

Support costs, including HR, Finance, IT, office rent and relevant salaries, are allocated in the relevant categories above.



What you helped us achieve in 2015

Every day we hear incredible stories of how the lives of women and children are changing for the better.

From the excitement of one child starting school to grandmothers responding to the earthquake in Nepal, every story of hope and success is made possible by your support.

Here are just a few examples of how your donations helped the most vulnerable women and children in 2015. 

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