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Asha Saleem holds her youngest child, Hasani, in Makuyuni, Tanzania. Asha never went to school, but she hopes that her daughters will get an education so that they can get good jobs when they grow up.

Kate Holt/ActionAid

News from 2017

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Lives at stake in Somalia - aid response to hunger crisis desperately short of cash

Somalia aid response critically underfunded.  World risks repeat of 2011 famine which killed 250,000 people.

Budget 2017: lost opportunity to tackle corporate tax dodging

Budget 2017 was a lost opportunity to tackle tax dodging and ensure companies pay their fair share in developing countries as well as in the UK.


Horn of Africa drought threatens women and girls

Horn of Africa drought means women and girls in Somaliland and Kenya are facing devastating impacts, including sexual violence. 

Government announces response to catastrophic humanitarian crises in South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen and Somalia - ActionAid statement

ActionAid Head of Humanitarian Response Mike Noyes said: “The UK Government is making a vital contribution to tackling a string of disasters that is now affecting millions of people across Africa and the Middle East. But the need is huge and countless lives are at stake.

New polling shows MPs back crackdown on UK overseas tax havens

As the leaders of the UK’s Overseas Territories gather in London today to meet Theresa May, a new poll has revealed that Britain’s politicians back a crackdown on tax havens and tax dodging. 


ActionAid backs petition to stop Trump’s state visit

Why international development charity ActionAid is backing petition to stop Donald Trump’s state visit

When Theresa May meets Donald Trump - women's rights must be on the table

Calling on Prime Minster Theresa May to bring critical women’s rights issues to the table when she meets Donald Trump.


An open letter to His Excellency President Barrow on his first day in office

Omar Badji, Executive Director of Action Aid Gambia, writes an open letter to Gambia's new President.

ActionAid welcomes ICAI report on cash transfers

This welcome report from ICAI, the UK's aid watchdog, has confirmed that UK aid delivered in the form of cash transfers is helping to lift millions of people out of poverty.