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Asha Saleem holds her youngest child, Hasani, in Makuyuni, Tanzania. Asha never went to school, but she hopes that her daughters will get an education so that they can get good jobs when they grow up.

Kate Holt/ActionAid

News releases from 2020

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ActionAid responds to the decision to delay COP26

As the Covid-19 crisis continues to escalate globally, the United Nations has announced that the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) will be delayed. Dr Amiera Sawas, Senior Climate and Gender Justice Advisor at ActionAid UK comments on this decision. 

ActionAid comments on Covid-19 and domestic violence

Lee Margaret Webster, Deputy Director of International Development Policy and Practice at ActionAid UK commenting on the increased risk of domestic violence due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Where one in three women worldwide will experience violence in their lifetime, most likely at the hands of a male partner or close family member. During an epidemic women can face an even higher risk of domestic violence.  

ActionAid's response to Covid-19

ActionAid UK is preparing for how this Covid-19 outbreak will affect our life-changing work with women and girls living in poverty. Over the next few months, we will be working to ensure we can support those who will be most vulnerable to this virus and can continue changing the world with women and girls. 

ActionAid welcomes DFID's new Secretary of State

A comment from Mike Noyes, Deputy Director for Humanitarian at ActionAid UK, on the government’s decision to appoint Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP as the Secretary of State for the Department for International Development.

ActionAid welcomes the launch of the UN climate summit

Harjeet Singh, ActionAid’s climate lead, calls for global civil society to be directly involved in the UN Climate Summit (COP26) to ensure that the experiences and expertise of those on the frontline of the climate crisis are heard.

ActionAid’s response to African Investment Summit

Rachel Noble, Senior Policy Specialist on Women’s Economic Rights at ActionAid UK comments on the African Investment Summit, where African women’s rights organisations were not invited to the summit. 

We must learn from Hague and Jolie’s scheme

Farah Nazeer, Deputy Director of Advocacy at ActionAid UK responds to a report from the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) into the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative. 

Response to reports that DFID remains independent

Farah Nazeer, Deputy Director of Advocacy at ActionAid UK, responds to the report that the Department for International Development will not be merged into the Foreign Office as part of Whitehall reforms. DFID is vital for those those struggling to survive climate change, poverty and disease – especially women and girls. There is public support for the aid the UK delivers through DFID – over 45,000 people have signed petitions calling on the Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to merge the department with the Foreign Office.