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Asha Saleem holds her youngest child, Hasani, in Makuyuni, Tanzania. Asha never went to school, but she hopes that her daughters will get an education so that they can get good jobs when they grow up.

Kate Holt/ActionAid

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MPs urge 'gender equality through post-Brexit trade'

“The International Trade Committee is right to emphasise women’s rights within post-Brexit trade arrangements — and right in calling for leadership from the Government on this.”

Rohingya forced repatriation must be halted

The Bangladeshi and Myanmar authorities are set to start returning Rohingya refugees to Myanmar on Thursday, despite evidence that refugees are afraid to return.

Misogynistic hate crime 'isn't trivial' — ActionAid UK

“Misogynistic hate crime isn’t trivial. Violence against women and girls starts with deep-rooted misogynistic attitudes.”


NGOs reaffirm commitment to safeguarding

ActionAid and seven other leading development and humanitarian organisations have published a statement setting out the actions we are taking to embed the commitments made by donors and INGOs in London across all our work. 

Penny Mordaunt proposal mustn't 'dilute purpose' of aid

The Secretary of State for International Development, Penny Mordaunt, has proposed changes to the way that the UK government funds aid projects around the world. Her proposals, outlined in a speech this morning, include the potential use of for-profit investments by the private sector as part of aid programmes.

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami - ActionAid response

As rescuers search for survivors in Palu, with over 800 people dead and an estimated 1.6 million people affected, our team aims to support all affected areas.


UN probe shows Rohingya refugees need justice

“The Rohingya people can no longer survive on empty promises, we must seek justice for survivors.”

Government responds to MPs on aid spending

“More clarity on aid spending across government departments is urgently needed.”

UK misogyny review sends strong message - ActionAid

“This sends a message that sexual harassment will not be tolerated, and women will be listened to and supported by the legal system.”


Response to Prime Minister’s speech in South Africa

ActionAid’s Chief Executive Girish Menon responds to the Prime Minister’s speech today in South Africa.


IDC report on sexual abuse in aid sector - comment

ActionAid UK’s statement on the inquiry into sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector published today by MPs.


More than one in three UK women face period stigma

ActionAid UK’s campaign for World Menstrual Hygiene Day aims to tackle period stigma and empower more women and girls to say #MyBodyIsMine

Famous women and activists speak out on period poverty

“To solve the problem once and for all, we need to take a moment to consider the magnitude of the problem.”

Gaza violence threatens fragile humanitarian situation

“The increased violence in Gaza threatens an already extremely fragile humanitarian situation.”

UK backs transparency for overseas tax havens

“This a breakthrough for all of those – including ActionAid – who have for years called for global financial transparency.”


MPs urge tax-havens reform – ActionAid comment

A cross-party group of senior MPs could tomorrow (1st May 2018) force the UK government to introduce tougher transparency measures for UK-linked tax havens.

ActionAid condemns "appalling, cowardly" Kabul attacks

ActionAid condemns this appalling attack on innocent people – including women and children.

Rohingya refugees need support ahead of rainy season

“The safety of the Rohingya refugees in the camps – particularly women and girls – is extremely fragile.”

UK women’s trade initiative - comment

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has launched a £7 million fund to support female entrepreneurs across the Commonwealth. The scheme, named SheTrades, will help women in poorer countries “overcome barriers” to starting a business. 


UK trade post-Brexit must protect the poorest - comment

With a year to go until Brexit, we’ve heard a lot about how UK trade will bring prosperity to us and to others – including developing countries and the Commonwealth. But ministers need to get this right, otherwise we could do more harm than good. Comment from ActionAid UK

MPs warn of Rohingya monsoon threat - comment

The UK’s International Development Committee has warned that thousands of Rohingya refugees in camps in Bangladesh are under threat from coming monsoons: comment from ActionAid 

Joint Statement - Safeguarding Summit

UK international development sector’s five commitments to improving the standards and delivery of safeguards.

Women say reporting sexual harassment is 'pointless'

ActionAid UK’s campaign for International Women’s Day aims to shine a spotlight on violence against women and girls and seek justice for survivors.

DfID Strategic Vision: ActionAid UK's statement

ActionAid UK’s statement on DfID’s Strategic Vision


Our joint commitment to safeguarding

As organisations whose core aim is to help the most vulnerable people in the world, we must always confront abusive behaviour and the misuse of power.

Rohingya refugee crisis 6 months on - ActionAid comment

“As we pass this grim milestone, there are serious questions over the fate of the Rohingya refugees.”

Sexual harassment and safeguarding at ActionAid

An ActionAid spokesperson said: “Across the 45 countries ActionAid operates in globally, in the last five years there have been 20 incidents of sexual harassment reported and 2 of safeguarding. All of these were dealt with using the safeguarding and anti-sexual harassment processes in place and were concluded.”

UK Money-Laundering Bill fails to address tax havens

MPs will tomorrow (20th February 2018) debate measures to address money laundering, amid concerns from NGOs that a current Government proposal fails to address a lack of transparency in UK-linked tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands. The UK Government has weakened its stance towards these tax havens since the Brexit referendum vote.

Statement on sexual misconduct reports in the sector

Responding to sexual misconduct reports in the sector, a spokesperson for ActionAid UK said: “The reported behaviour of staff working at leading NGOs uncovered by The Times this weekend is completely unacceptable. It goes against the true values and the standards that those working in the not-for-profit sector are committed to.”

Boris Johnson visits Rohingya refugee camps - comment

“Boris Johnson’s visit to Cox’s Bazaar is a welcome signal of the UK’s commitment to responding to this crisis. The documented and widespread human rights violations against the Rohingya population that led them to flee Myanmar still remain a threat.”


Attack on humanitarian workers at Save the Children

ActionAid condemns armed attack on Save the Children offices in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.