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Asha Saleem holds her youngest child, Hasani, in Makuyuni, Tanzania. Asha never went to school, but she hopes that her daughters will get an education so that they can get good jobs when they grow up.

Kate Holt/ActionAid

News releases from 2012

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DRC conflict prevents aid reaching affected communities

As 11 Heads of States from Africa’s Great Lakes Region gather in Kampala to discuss the peace process for DRC, ActionAid today calls for humanitarian agencies to be given access to communities affected by the violence.

Campaign win as new supermarket watchdog given powers

Years of campaigning by ActionAid and its supporters have finally come to fruition as the government has agreed on a Supermarket Watchdog

Government announces £25millon fund to tackle VAWG

Government announces £25millon fund to tackle violence against women — ActionAid response

ActionAid welcomes PM’s focus on tax at G8 next year

Prime Minister David Cameron said today he wanted next year’s G8 summit to focus on action against tax avoidance

Government must begin fines for exploitative supermarkets

The Supermarket Watchdog will be toothless unless it is given the power to levy fines on supermarkets that treat suppliers unfairly, warns ActionAid.

ActionAid responds to the government's plans to tackle tax avoidance

ActionAid responds to the government's plans to tackle tax avoidance

Child sponsorship on the map

We’re taking a look at the towns and regions across the UK with the highest number of child sponsors all this week.

World must act now to prevent Haiti food crisis

Millions of people in Haiti could face a catastrophic food crisis unless international donors act urgently to help farmers whose crops were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, ActionAid warned today.

Hurricane Sandy: providing shelter, preventing cholera

ActionAid is providing food, water and temporary shelters to thousands of people affected by Hurricane Sandy in Haiti.

New EU biofuel proposals inadequate

World hunger and greenhouse gas emissions would increase warns ActionAid.

ActionAid supports Pakistani schoolgirl Malala

Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai is recovering from surgery in a UK hospital after being shot by the Taliban. She was targeted because she defended the rights of girls to go to school.

ActionAid response to EU Nobel Peace Prize

The European Union today won the Nobel Peace Prize for its role promoting reconciliation and peace in Europe.

ActionAid responds to floods in Assam in North East India

Recent flooding has affected up to an estimated two million people with 231,000 in relief camps.

Cable talks tough on tax havens at Lib Dem party conference - ActionAid response

ActionAid has today responded to Business Secretary Vince Cable MP's pledge to crack down hard on tax dodging internationally.

What next after the Millennium Development Goals? 

ActionAid's new paper asks the panel at the UN General Assembly (opening today) to recognise that only true global action can tackle these enormous challenges.

EC must resist pressure and ban crop-based biofuels

ActionAid welcomes confirmation that the European Commissioners plan to limit the amount of food to fuel biofuels in the EU

World hunger needs a ban - not a cap - on biofuels

Without a total ban on food and land based fuels, millions will still go hungry, warns actionAid.

Justine Greening as International Development Secretary

Top of her list should be ensuring that the Government delivers on its historic pledge to spend 0.7% GNI on aid

Women accused of witchcraft condemned to 'witch camps'

A new ActionAid report reveals the hundreds of women in Ghana condemned to a life of extreme violence, harassment and isolation.

Hurricane Isaac hits Haiti – ActionAid is there responding to people's needs

ActionAid Haiti works in six areas across Haiti, including Jacmel and Thiotte in the southeast, where our local partner is in the process of responding to the needs of those affected. 

IDC report highlights that tax justice is vital for poor countries

ActionAid responds to 'Tax in Developing Countries: Increasing Resources for Development' - a new report from the International Development Committee.

Enter Shikari frontman releases new EP in aid of ActionAid

Rou Reynolds, in the guise of solo project ROUT, is releasing an EP to raise funds for and awareness of ActionAid. The EP features samples of music taken from ActionAid’s project work in Ghana, and is available from 28 August.

Charities call for end to global hunger as greatest Olympic legacy

A joint statement signed by ten leading NGOs, including ActionAid, urges the Prime Minister to take further steps on this issue over the coming year.

US corn forecasts pushing world closer to food crisis

Today’s bad corn harvest forecast highlights the growing problem of corn being used for biofuel and pushing up food prices, hitting the world’s poorest the hardest.

UK must drop biofuel mandates

The UK faces ever-increasing food prices as it follows the USA down the pro-biofuels route, warns ActionAid.

London Family Planning summit hailed a success by ActionAid

The results of yesterday's landmark family planning summit could help millions of women and girls in the world’s poorest countries

The worst monsoon rains in a decade leave 2 million homeless

ActionAid India using boats to reach trapped people.

Government opens new tax loophole that could cost the UK and poor countries billions

Government have pushed through the Finance Bill without an amendment that would mitigate the impact of a new tax loophole on developing countries.

Afghan women’s lives on a knife edge as violence ignored, says ActionAid

Women’s rights in Afghanistan are hanging by a thread, says ActionAid in a new report published today.

London summit pushing global land grabs and hunger

Today protestors are asking the public: ‘Do you realise what your pension funds?’

Rio+20 fail: world’s poorest people will be worse off

Rio+20: An epic fail for most of the people living on this planet, says ActionAid. The world’s poorest people will be worse off because the Rio+20 agenda was hijacked by inertia, says anti-poverty charity ActionAid.

ActionAid launches new report 'Sex, Choice and Control'

Over 200 million women and girls in developing countries are still not able to get hold of or use effective methods of contraception, leading to over 75 million unintended pregnancies every year.

The real tax dodging scandal

As tax avoidance once again hits the headlines with the Prime Minister calling it morally wrong, why is the Government planning to introduce a new tax loophole that could cost the UK and developing countries billions?

Rio+20 must put the interests of world's poorest first

“A billion people will go hungry tonight as summit officials open the way for a massive boom in biofuels sneaked in under the veil of sustainable energy” – Clare Coffey, ActionAid UK

ActionAid report: absurdity of G20 stance on biofuels

Europe’s demand for biofuels could drive up food crop prices by as much as 36% by 2020, helping to push millions more into hunger.

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor jailed

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor was jailed for 50 years today for helping Sierra Leonean rebels commit what a court in The Hague called some of the worst war crimes in history.

PM decision to host World Hunger summit during Olympics

Today at Prime Minister’s Question Time, David Cameron made a long-awaited announcement that he would be holding an event to discuss global hunger when world leaders are visiting London for the Olympics.

NATO Chicago Conference: act now on women’s security in Afghanistan, says ActionAid

2011 was the worst year for civilian deaths in the 10 years since international troops entered Afghanistan.

Biofuels will cause food prices to rocket

As the world’s biggest energy businesses prepare to discuss ‘clean’ energy with ministers from 23 countries, ActionAid's report warns Cameron’s government against attributing environmental or social benefits to biofuels.

Response to the Charles Taylor Liberian war crimes verdict

On April 26th the verdict in the war crimes tribunal of former Liberian President Charles Taylor will be delivered. Here is ActionAid’s response to the verdict.

ActionAid responds as devastating floods hit Rwanda

With ten thousand people affected by the worst flooding in Rwanda for thirty years, Actionaid is urgently assessing the immediate needs of the most vulnerable.

Jersey is helping 50,000 poor Gambians survive the West African drought

The people of Jersey are helping to provide vital relief to thousands of people facing drought and severe food shortages in The Gambia.

Burma elections: Emma Thompson speaks out

"Wise, witty, visionary and compassionate - no one deserves the support of the international community and her country people more than Aung Sun Suu Kyi."

Comedy film on absurdity of government biofuel policy

Developed alongside comedy viral filmmakers Don’t Panic, ActionAid UK’s new video highlights the absolute lunacy of biofuels.

The faces behind the Fellows in Burma

Watch the video of ActionAid ambassador Emma Thompson meeting the fellowship programme in Myanmar.

ActionAid Budget 2012 response

Statement from ActionAid on the 2012 Budget.

ActionAid at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2012

The festival brings to life human rights abuses through storytelling in a way that challenges each individual to empathize and demand justice for all people.

Drought in The Gambia as West Africa’s Sahel crisis spreads

As the drought in West Africa’s Sahel region deepens, ActionAid has warned that The Gambia is also facing severe food shortages as rains have failed.

ActionAid joins UK's Rapid Disaster Response Network

ActionAid has been chosen to be part of a new expert group that can be called on to mobilise instantly and help save lives when an international disaster strikes.

Corporate tax loophole costs poor countries £4 billion

Ahead of the most important austerity budget in a generation, the government plans to open up a huge new tax loophole that will cost ordinary people around the world billions warns ActionAid in a new report ‘Collateral Damage’.

Tax threat to poor countries

This March, the UK government plans to quietly introduce new tax legislation that will damage developing countries and reward big business. We can’t let them get away with it, says ActionAid’s tax justice campaigner, Chris Jordan.

Are we equal?

Are men and women equal? What does equality look like? This International Women's Day on March 8 we will be asking some tough questions about women's rights, and we want young people to join the debate and let us know whether they think sex discrimination is still a problem today.

Casting a long shadow

The collapse of British company Sun Biofuels has left thousands of Tanzanians landless, jobless and in despair for the future. Villagers thought their dreams had come true as they were promised jobs, schools and more, but after the company went bust, they were left with nothing.

Mozambique and Malawi floods: ActionAid provides relief

ActionAid is providing emergency relief to thousands of people affected by the recent heavy flooding in Mozambique and Malawi, where torrential rains have destroyed essential infrastructure and left thousands of people homeless.

Biofuels con could cost UK motorists an extra £2bn per year

Car drivers in the UK will pay up to £2 billion more on the forecourt in 2020 if the government decides to increase the proportion of biofuels in petrol, ActionAid UK and Friends of the Earth warn today.

Disappointment at government delay on aid legislation

ActionAid is disappointed that the government has decided to delay a law which would require the UK to spend at least 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI) on development aid from 2013 onwards.

ActionAid gears up to provide relief for flood-hit communities in Mozambique

ActionAid is responding to fierce storms which have killed 25 people and left tens of thousands homeless.

Cambodia and Thailand still devastated by floods

The worst flooding for decades has affected up to seven million people in Thailand and Cambodia, and more than five months on, people are still relying on emergency relief from charities such as ActionAid.

Haiti 2 years on

Two years on from the devastating earthquake of 12 January 2010, ActionAid Haiti's response continues, helping the most vulnerable to rebuild their shattered lives.

Haiti two years on: a child sponsor's story

Two years ago, in the aftermath of the earthquake, Paul Murray decided to sponsor a little girl in Haiti. As a sixtieth birthday present to himself, he decided to go out and meet her.

Haitian people to march on Parliament this Wednesday

Marking two years since Haiti’s devastating earthquake which killed around 220,000 and left 1.5 million people homeless, 7,500 people will next week march through the centre of Port au Prince to demand access to land and adequate housing.