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Asha Saleem holds her youngest child, Hasani, in Makuyuni, Tanzania. Asha never went to school, but she hopes that her daughters will get an education so that they can get good jobs when they grow up.

Kate Holt/ActionAid

News releases from 2013

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Remembering Nirbhaya: ActionAid memorial event marks one year on from Delhi bus rape

Meera Syal will lead ActionAid’s public memorial to call for urgent action to end violence against women and girls in India and around the world.

Barclays must stop promoting the use of tax havens in Africa - ActionAid report

ActionAid report shows that Barclays Offshore Corporate has increased the number of tax havens it is promoting, to include the key African tax haven of Mauritius.

Deloitte advised big business on how to avoid tax

Mauritius is being promoted as a favoured tax haven for use by big businesses operating in Africa.

Bangladesh factory collapse victims no closer to recovery

ActionAid calls for a fair deal for the Rana Plaza factory disaster survivors and families of the deceased. 

India Cyclone Phailin: ActionAid assesses damage impact

Cyclone Phailin has caused huge damage in the Indian states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

Clamp down on tax avoidance, ActionAid tells UN

UN commitment to reform the international tax system could lift millions of people out of poverty.

MEP vote on biofuels is kick in teeth for world’s poor

MEP vote for 6% cap on biofuels would allow enough food to be burnt in Europe’s cars to feed more than 200 million per year.

ActionAid welcomes verdict in Delhi rape trial

ActionAid calls on police and courts in India to take rape reports seriously — and outlines recommendations.

MEPs must not betray world’s poor in biofuels vote, ActionAid says

MEPs must leave a clear legacy of global social justice at Wednesday's crucial vote.

Two million refugees forced to flee Syria

“Now more than ever warring parties need to negotiate a peaceful solution that will put an end to the human suffering.”

Gang rape of Indian journalist: we need safe cities

ActionAid India condemns this incident, stands in solidarity with the survivor and demands immediate justice for her.

Government underestimated cost of biofuels in petrol

Motorists to pay an extra £224m each year as proportion of biofuels in petrol increases.

ActionAid's response to UKIP's Godfrey Bloom MEP on aid

Anyone who thinks that aid doesn’t save millions of lives is living in la la land, says ActionAid.

Burma (Myanmar) Floods Humanitarian Response

Around 25,000 people — mostly women and children — are in urgent need of food and supplies.

Fire in Heliópolis, São Paulo's largest favela: "Nothing was done"

Hundreds of families made homeless in a fire in Brazil’s largest city face no prospect of being resettled. 

Women and children at risk of human trafficking in north India, warns ActionAid

Displacement of people on such a massive scale increases their vulnerability to exploitation and abuse.

Deadly north India floods largely man-made says ActionAid

Rapid deforestation and aggressive construction work along river banks in Uttarakhand are largely responsible for the floods, says ActionAid.

"I want G8 leaders to help us have more food," child says

Eight-year-olds tell us what the powerbrokers could do to help make their lives better.

ActionAid welcomes UN report on biofuels

The report shows how Europe’s biofuel targets are driving up food prices and increasing hunger among the world’s poorest people.

North India floods: Rescue and relief efforts continue

ActionAid's partners to move deeper into flood-hit region.  

North India Flood Catastrophic: Dams Pose Additional Threat

Nearly 5,000 people are still missing in Kedarnath — and houses have been washed away. 

Brazil Violence: ActionAid response

“There are wider issues and transport is just the tip of the iceberg.” Campaigner and youth coordinator for ActionAid Brazil available for comment. 

IF Campaign verdict on G8 Presidency

A summary look at the UK's G8 Presidency. What's been achieved and what's left to do

G8 tax deal a step in right direction but leaves major unfinished business

Today’s G8 tax deal is a step in the right direction, but it also leaves major unfinished business

G8 must not freeze out developing countries from tax deal

G8 warned not to freeze out developing countries from any deal to clamp down on tax dodging

Response to David Cameron's tax haven announcement

David Cameron has today cleared a big obstacle to a clampdown on tax dodging.

IF campaign hails ‘major breakthrough’ in fight against malnutrition

The Prime Minister has today put the scandal of under-nutrition firmly on the map

Tens of thousands descend on Hyde Park for Big IF London

Danny Boyle and Bill Gates make impassioned plea for G8 leaders to end world hunger at Hyde Park rally.

UN report shows leadership on women's rights

Today’s report includes a standalone goal on achieving gender equality and specific targets for ending violence against women and girls.

Big IF London line-up announced

Bill Gates, Rowan Williams and celebrity supporters to make a stand against hunger at Big IF London (Hyde Park, 8 June).

Investment into developing countries via tax havens

The use of tax havens is depriving developing countries of billions of dollars of tax revenue.

ActionAid prepared for Tropical Cyclone Mahasen

ActionAid remains ready to respond to possible Cyclone Mahasen relief efforts.

UK govnt refuses to enforce tax haven transparency law

One in ten British-registered FTSE 100 multinationals failed to disclose tax haven companies despite UK crackdown promise.

ActionAid suggests sustainable alternatives to biofuels

A UK advanced biofuel industry could create jobs, bring benefits to poor people and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the UK transport sector.

Ready for Anything campaign raises £2.7m to fight poverty

From 4 February to 3 May, every donation made by members of the UK public was doubled by the UK government as part of its Aid Match scheme.

98 of the FTSE100 multinational groups use tax havens

New ActionAid research shows that 98 of the 100 FTSE100 multinational groups have companies in tax havens.

UK Aid law dropped from Queen's Speech

ActionAid says that a guaranteed aid budget is vital to provide effective international development.

British tax agreements must benefit poor countries

The government must now force UK tax havens to take concrete steps that will benefit developing countries.

ActionAid releases new tax responsibility guide for FTSE investors

A detailed guide for investors and businesses seeking a more socially responsible approach to corporate tax has been published today by ActionAid.

G8's biofuel use contributing to world hunger

Amount of food crops burnt by richest nations as biofuels could feed half the world’s hungriest people, ActionAid says

DEC Syria Crisis Appeal hits £7.4 million

Public donations to the DEC Syria Crisis Appeal have now reached £7.4 million. The 14 leading UK charities that are the DEC’s members will use the funds in Syria and to help refugees in the neighbouring countries.

DEC Syria Crisis Appeal hits £5 million

Public donations to the DEC Syria Crisis Appeal have now reached £5 million. The 14 leading UK charities that are the DEC’s members will use the funds in Syria and the neighbouring countries, to which over one million refugees have fled. 

Post-2015 development panel must address domestic tax

Taxation must be central to discussions on how to finance any new development goals, ActionAid said today ahead of a meeting of the high-level panel on the post-2015 development agenda next week in Bali.

DEC announces Syria Crisis Appeal

The Disasters Emergency Committee has today [Weds 20 March] announced that it will launch an appeal tomorrow [Thursday 21 March] for people affected by the conflict in Syria. 

Vatican leads attempts to roll back on women's rights

The Vatican is leading attempts to roll-back agreement on women’s rights at the most significant UN Summit on eliminating violence against women and girls in a decade, ActionAid said today.

ActionAid helps Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

As the security situation in Syria continues to deteriorate, the number of refugees pouring across its borders into neighbouring countries is increasing. 

Women face constant fear of violence in public spaces

New research from ActionAid reveals that poor quality public services are leaving women and girls vulnerable to violence and harassment in public spaces.

ActionAid welcomes strong statement on global tax reforms by George Osborne

At the G20 Finance Ministers meeting in Moscow Chancellor George Osborne called for reform of global tax rules including international action to tackle “profit shifting” by multinational companies to avoid tax.

ActionAid exposes tax avoidance by Associated British Food Group in Zambia

A new investigation released today by ActionAid has revealed that the Associated British Foods group, owner of Silver Spoon sugar, is dodging its tax bill in Zambia, one of the world’s poorest countries.

Five questions for Associated British Foods to answer

ActionAid is pleased that our Sweet Nothings report on tax avoidance and tax breaks in Zambia has generated coverage and debate in Europe and in Africa. It’s through detailed debate of this kind that we hope a fairer tax deal for countries like Zambia and for multinational investors will ultimately be reached.

ActionAid launches Ready for Anything campaign for emergencies with UK government

The Ready for Anything campaign will help the world’s poorest people everywhere from prepare for the next big disaster.

Response to government being prepared to miss aid targets

The House of Commons International Development Committee has said that the Department for International Development (DFID) should be prepared to miss aid targets.

Charities launch Enough Food for Everyone IF coalition

‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ is the largest coalition of its kind in the UK since Make Poverty History in 2005.

Haiti faces new crisis three years on from earthquake

Three years on from the devastating 2010 earthquake, Haiti is facing another crisis – catastrophic food shortages caused by the destruction of Hurricane Sandy.