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ActionAid welcomes Parliamentary vote in support of Istanbul Convention

Implementing the Istanbul Convention would signal that efforts to tackle violence must be stepped up around the world.

ActionAid backs new law to tackle tax dodging

ActionAid is calling on the Government to help poor countries raise a fair share of tax by supporting this Bill to ensure UK tax treaties support efforts to tackle tax dodging and find sustanable routes out of poverty

UK Government must ratify Istanbul Convention on VAWG

ActionAid calls on the UK Government support Eilidh Whiteford MP’s Bill and commit to implementing the ground-breaking Istanbul Convention in the UK. 

Luxleaks trial is an indictment of tax secrecy

Secretive tax laws, sweetheart deals and tax havens make it possible for big companies to dodge tax on a massive scale. The world should not be reliant on whistleblowers to reveal corporate tax dodging.

Scottish political leaders call for an end to VAWG

Scottish political leaders Nicola Sturgeon, Kezia Dugdale, Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie and Patrick Harvie have united to support ActionAid’s Fearless campaign and demand an end to violence against women around the world.

ActionAid welcomes new funding to tackle VAWG

ActionAid welcomes this recognition of the role of grassroots organisations at the frontline of the fight against violence. This is an important step forward and we hope that the Government will continue to build on this commitment in the future.

Nearly three in four women were harassed in past month

New ActionAid research highlights a global epidemic of harassment and violence against women.

ActionAid statement on proposals to cut the UK rate of corporation tax

Cuts to corporation tax will fuel a global race to the bottom and undermine efforts to ensure companies pay their fair share of tax in the world's poorest countries

ActionAid welcomes UK ratification of Paris Agreement on climate change

ActionAid welcomes UK ratification of Paris Agreement on climate change

Ecofin conclusions on EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions

ActionAid's Head of Advocacy comments on the EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions. 

ActionAid statement on the Civil Society Partnership Review

ActionAid welcomes steps to give greater support to the people working to tackle poverty in their own communities

New EU tax reforms package - right problem, wrong tools

EU tax reform proposals simply don’t go far enough. Loopholes, tax havens and the race to the bottom on corporate tax rates are hurting people in the world’s poorest countries as well as in Europe. Europe should require big companies to publish how much tax they pay in every country where they do business.

ActionAid welcomes Priti Patel's Afghanistan aid commitment

Many women and their families face violence and fear in Afghanistan and on the journey to Europe.  ActionAid welcomes Priti Patel's commitment to helping some of the world's poorest women and children through support support for health, education and the clearing of deadly landmines. 

UK aid approach to tackling tax avoidance is incoherent and ineffective

"This report confirms that UK aid’s approach to tackling tax avoidance is incoherent, ineffective and is in danger of failing to deliver for the world’s poorest people. Women and children living in poverty suffer when schools and hospitals are starved of funding by corporate tax avoidance, estimated to cost developing countries a staggering US$200 billion a year.

Bahamas tax haven leak shows global tax system is broken

Massive Bahamas tax haven leak yet again demonstrates that the international tax system is broken.

ActionAid statement on major fire in Moria refugee camp

ActionAid resopnds to reports of a major fire in Moria camp, Lesvos.

ActionAid responds to Prime Minister’s migration speech

Prime Minister Theresa May is due to address a special UN Summit on the refugee crisis. ActionAid responds to reports of her speech. 

Theresa May’s pledge at G20 to tackle tax avoidance

We are encouraged by the Prime Minister's commitment to tackle tax avoidance and create a fairer economy. Now we need concrete action.

Our statement on the anniversary of Alan Kurdi's death

Friday 2nd September marks the one year anniversary of the tragic death of Syrian boy Alan Kurdi. ActionAid’s Head of Humanitarian Response, Mike Noyes, comments on the anniversary.

Apple asked to pay up to 13 billion for tax avoidance

Apple asked to pay up to 13 billion for tax avoidance

Government must examine role of UK tax advisers abroad

ActionAid welcomes this early move from the Prime Minister to show she is taking the issue of corporate tax avoidance seriously but the role of UK tax advisers in tax avoidance schemes in poor countries must also be examined. 

Campaigners including Annie Lennox, Emma Thompson and Keira Knightley urge UK government to support women’s rights globally

ActionAid alongside 39 public figures, aid agencies and women's rights’ organisations, call on Priti Patel to show "strong leadership" and lead the fight for gender equality.

Migration report: UK not pulling its weight for refugees

A Home Affairs report reveals the huge scale of Europe’s failure on the refugee crisis. The UK is shamefully failing to pull its weight and is not even on track to meet its commitment to take 20,000 Syrian refugees. 

International Development Committee report on Nigeria

One in three Nigerian women aged 25-29 have been subject to violence. UK Government support for women and girls in Nigeria is welcome, but efforts to tackle violence against women and girls are weak and support services for survivors need to be stepped up.

Priti Patel MP appointed as Secretary of State for International Development

ActionAid Chief Executive, Girish Menon, welcomes the appointment of Priti Patel MP as Secretary of State for International Development

UK fuelling race to the bottom on corporation tax

Healthcare, schools and other key public services are left starved of resources as they are deprived of tax revenues.

World Refugee Day: latest migration and refugee figures

ActionAid responds to latest UNHCR data on World Refugee Day. 

UK aid transforms lives of the world's poorest people

The generosity and commitment of Britain is transforming the lives of some of the poorest people in the world. ActionAid uses UK aid to to support girls living in poverty to go to school, respond to humanitarian crises like the Nepal earthquakes and support women in Africa to claim their human rights and learn new skills. 

ActionAid responds to latest UK female genital mutilation statistics

On Tuesday 7th June 2016 the Health and Social Care Information Centre released new data on female genital mutilation (FGM)  in England.

ActionAid launches urgent refugee response in Athens

ActionAid has launched an urgent refugee response programme in Athens in response to the escalating crisis in the Greek capital. 

World Humanitarian Summit: global settlement on refugees

ActionAid is calling on world leaders to seek a new global settlement on refugees and migration at the World Humanitarian Summit.

​Three in four women experience harassment and violence in UK and global cities

New ActionAid research highlights global epidemic of violence against women in cities.

Anti-Corruption Summit: David Cameron's big opportunity

David Cameron has a unique opportunity at the Anti-Corruption Summit to tackle the UK’s role in enabling corruption and tax dodging.

Panama Papers: database is unprecedented step forward

The release of the Panama Papers data is an unprecedented step forward for the public, journalists and campaigners

ActionAid responds to UK refugee children announcement

The UK government has announced that unaccompanied asylum-seeking children will be resettled in the UK from Greece, Italy and France.

No new homes built by Nepal government one year after earthquake disaster

Nepal Government fails to fund a single new home for hundreds of thousands of people affected by last years earthquake disaster 

ActionAid responds to reports of new migrant boat deaths

Reports suggest a boat capsizing in the meditteranean has left 400 people dead. ActionAid responds. 

Chibok girls still in captivity two years later

On the two year anniversary of the Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping, a video showing a group of Nigerian girls has just been released.


EU company tax reporting proposal is missed opportunity

The European Commission proposal for international company tax reporting will fail to tackle corporate tax avoidance in the world's poorest places.

Tax proposals won't curb massive corporate tax avoidance

The Prime Ministers proposals to tackle UK-linked tax havens  will not curb massive corporate tax avoidance connected to UK-linked tax havens

EU must take tougher action on tax havens

It's time for the UK to take tougher action on tax havens and corporate tax avoidance.

The EU-Turkey refugee deal is unjust and inhumane

The human rights of people fleeing war and persecution have been shamefully traded away at the political negotiating table.

Panama papers show international tax system is broken

The Panama papers, the latest in a string of tax revelations, yet again demonstrates that the international tax system is broken. 

Open Letter to global leaders ahead of the UNHCR meeting on Syrian refugees

ActionAid has joined with other charities to call on global leaders to pledge to achieve the UNHCR target of resettlement and alternative pathways for at least 10 percent of Syria’s nearly five million refugees.

International Development Committee report on aid spending

ActionAid welcomes this cross-party report and its reiteration of the principle that poverty reduction must be the primary driver of the UK’s aid strategy.

Protect people, not borders - warns ActionAid ahead of EU-Turkey deal

Mike Noyes, Head of Humanitarian Response at ActionAid UK calls on EU leaders to remember the people at the heart of this crisis.

Syria five years on – Europe’s shameful failure to act

On the fifth anniversary of the conflict in Syria, ActionAid's Head of Humanitarian Response, Mike Noyes, calls for the UK government to show leadership and commit to resettling a greater number of refugees. 

TTIP-style deals threaten jobs and pay in poorer countries

One in three young people in the world is either unemployed or working yet living in poverty. TTIP-style trade deals could push more people in poor countries into low pay, low skill jobs, according to a new report from ActionAid.

Domestic violence kills five women every hour

ActionAid's latest report Fearless Women and Girls - leading the way, transforming lives sets out the critical role women’s rights groups play in tackling violence.

UK tops global table for restrictive tax treaties

The UK has topped a global league table ranking countries by the number of tax treaties they have that severely limit poor countries’ ability to collect taxes from multinational companies.

OECD plans to open up its tax reform process to developing countries

Inviting developing countries to implement rules they didn't write misses the point

Government announces new global approach on LGBT rights

ActionAid responds to DFID's new approach on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) rights. 

British public say FGM is a top women’s rights concern

On International Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation Day (6th Feb) research reveals public concern for FGM is on the rise.

UK pledges to double aid to Syria: ActionAid response

ActionAid responds to the latest UK government commitment to double aid funding to Syrian refugees.

60-year-old UK tax deal with Malawi needs urgent reform

ActionAid has launched a campaign calling for reform of the 1955 UK-Malawi tax treaty. The UK’s treaty, signed during the colonial era, makes it possible for UK companies operating there to pay little or no corporation tax.

ActionAid responds to latest EU proposals to resettle more refugees in Europe

The EU have announced new proposals to review the Dublin Agreement, where refugees must claim asylum in the first country they arrive in, and will require EU countries like the UK to resettle a greater number of refugees. 

High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment announced

UN Announces First-Ever High-Level Panel On Women's Economic Empowerment

Nigeria loses $3.3b in tax revenue to oil companies

Nigeria, which has some of the highest child and maternal mortality rates in the world, lost US$3.3billion of tax revenue to oil giants Shell, Total and ENI.

Liberia declared Ebola-free – ActionAid responds

The World Health Organisation has declared Liberia Ebola-free, marking the official end of the two year outbreak that devastated West Africa.