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ActionAid prepared for Tropical Cyclone Mahasen

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As Tropical Cyclone Mahasen passes through Bangladesh with minimal casualties, ActionAid remains ready to respond to any relief efforts that may be needed in the region.
The storm landed at Chittagong in Bangladesh on Thursday morning and, though it has since slowed, heavy rain and winds still threaten Burma and India.
Millions living in low-lying coastal areas in the Bay of Bengal have already been evacuated and ActionAid has three emergency teams on standby in southern Bangladesh.
“ActionAid is relieved that Tropical Cyclone Mahasen passed off with minimal casualties or damage, but our staff and partners were fully prepared and ready to respond in the event of an emergency – as it’s better to be safe than sorry,” says Bijay Kumar, Head of the International Emergencies and Crises Team.
“Reducing vulnerability to disasters is at the heart of ActionAid’s work in Bangladesh and Burma, which includes training in first aid, equipping community volunteers with radios, building cyclone shelters and planting trees. ActionAid will continue to support local communities to prepare for similar storms which are, unfortunately, likely to occur in the future,” he added.
ActionAid has been working in Bangladesh since 1991 and in Burma since 2001. Following Cyclone Nargis in 2008, which killed 140,000 when it struck Burma, ActionAid helped 200,000 people rebuild their lives and launched a country-wide network to link emergency response to longer term development.