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Our statement on the anniversary of Alan Kurdi's death

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Friday 2nd September marks the one year anniversary of the tragic death of Syrian boy Alan Kurdi. 

ActionAid’s Head of Humanitarian Response, Mike Noyes, comments on the anniversary: 

“A year ago, the heart-breaking images of Alan Kurdi provoked a global reaction and wave of sympathy towards refugees. Yet despite the outrage, the headlines, the political promises that followed these photos, one year later and we have allowed ourselves to fall back into the trap of seeing those fleeing war, persecution and poverty as a threat to our living standards rather than as fellow human beings.

“Today, children and families continue to live and die in the bombed rubble of Aleppo and in the Mediterranean. Just because the EU Turkey deal has taken the refugees off our holiday beaches and off our front pages doesn’t mean the fear and terror that drove Alan’s family to take a flimsy boat has gone away - only that that escape route has been closed.

“At the Refugees Welcome March in London this September, thousands will march to show that the UK has not forgotten its solidarity with refugees and call on politicians to tackle the real causes of this crisis.

"The UK government and European leaders must urgently welcome more refugees into our countries and provide safe passage for those fleeing conflict and devastation. We cannot wait for another tragedy, another death of a young child to shock us into acting.”


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