ActionAid welcomes Scottish pledge on climate justice

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7 December 2015 - ActionAid UK has today welcomed the Scottish government’s investment in extra climate funding yet warns that more must be done to tackle the impact of climate change on the world's poorest communities.

ActionAid UK’s Director of Advocacy, Barry Johnston, says: “The Scottish government’s commitment to additional climate funding is a welcome step and an important reminder that richer countries need to get out their chequebooks if they are serious about tackling the devastating impact of climate change.

“It’s often the world’s poorest countries who bear the brunt of climate change, with people in countries like Malawi being pushed further into poverty by erratic rainfall and devastating droughts, yet it’s these people who have done the least to contribute to it.

“As we reach the end game in the Paris climate talks, a key outstanding issue is the support of richer nations to ensure that poorer countries have the continuing means to adapt to the ongoing effects of climate change.

"At the crucial Paris climate talks this week, ActionAid is calling for an agreement on a Global Goal on Adaptation so that the world’s most vulnerable countries no longer have to face the consequences of an issue which they did not cause alone.”

Photo credit: Clément Tardif/ActionAid