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ActionAid welcomes UN report on biofuels

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ActionAid welcomes today’s report from the UN’s High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security which says that the production of biofuel from crops has a significant and direct impact on food prices and food availability.

The report comes two weeks before the European Parliament’s Environment Committee will vote on a European Commission proposal to limit the amount of fuel produced from biofuels made from food crops. There is a danger that the Environment Committee will vote to increase the proposed limit of five per cent.

Anders Dahlbeck, ActionAid’s biofuels policy advisor, said:

“This report shows how Europe’s biofuel targets are driving up food prices and increasing hunger among the world’s poorest people.

It is a wake-up call to the EU to get its house in order on food and fuel. This means some hard work ahead for MEPs and Member States who are working on redefining EU biofuels policy.

However as we speak, the biofuels industry is lobbying hard against new proposals before the Parliament and Council to limit the use of food crops for biofuels.

MEPs and member states must not bow to industry pressure – they must end the use of food for fuel.”