We COP28 fossil fuel agreement but it’s a “house of cards"

13 December 2023

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ActionAid UK welcomes COP28 fossil fuel agreement but it’s a “house of cards” unless finance is pledged.

Zahra Hdidou, Senior Climate and Resilience Advisor, ActionAid UK said:  

“We are relieved to see world leaders overcome their differences to reach an historic agreement on fossil fuels. While the agreement is not an even-handed one for climate-stricken countries, the importance of this moment cannot be overstated. After decades of fighting to push for a transition away from fossil fuels at COP, the agreement reached in Dubai is an important first step to be built upon.

"But we should remain cautious: commitments made today will fall like a house of cards without the cash needed from major polluters to fund it and while the UK begins ‘maxing out’ its North Sea oil and gas reserves.  

“As the summit ends, we should not forget that this moment was made possible by the UK and other major polluters finally listening to the voices of those on the frontlines of climate catastrophe. After decades of ignoring its historic responsibility as a major polluter, today is a big step forward but not the only one it needs to take.

"For their words to ring true, it must continue to listen to climate-affected countries and rapidly increase the finance needed to move away from fossil fuels forever.”