Concern over escalating situation in the West Bank

19 February 2024

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We are deeply concerned about the escalating situation in the West Bank, where incidents of violence have soared and daily life is increasingly becoming unliveable for Palestinians as their freedom of movement is curtailed.

Fatal raids by the Israeli forces are taking place across the territory on a near daily basis. On Sunday alone, two men were reportedly killed during a raid on Tulkarem refugee camp which left at least five others wounded, while a third person was reportedly killed at a checkpoint outside the city of Nablus. Families living in refugee camps have told us of the trauma of Israeli soldiers barging into their homes during incursions, leaving their children terrified and unable to sleep. Violence from settlers towards Palestinians has also increased sharply, with UNOCHA recording 552 incidents since October 7. Overall almost 400 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since October 7, while more than 4,500 people have been injured. 
Arbitrary arrests and detentions have spiked. According to The Palestinian Prisoners Club, almost 7,000 people in the West Bank have been arrested since October 7. Today UN experts highlighted the inhumane and degrading treatment many detained women and girls have reportedly been subjected to, including being sexually assaulted and beaten, and denied food, medicine and period products. We share their horror at the situation and their demands for full accountability and justice.  
Every single day in the West Bank, Palestinians are experiencing egregious violations of their basic human rights. Curfews, and the closure of checkpoints between major cities, are preventing many from accessing their place of work or education, or seeing their family and friends. The entire Palestinian population lives under constant surveillance and with the perpetual threat of being interrogated simply while going about their daily life, arrested for no reason, or even killed. This cannot go on. The rights of Palestinians must be respected and protected.


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