EU-Africa refugees summit: More lives will be lost unless urgent action is taken

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Commenting on the EU-Africa refugee summit in Malta, ActionAid’s Head of Humanitarian Response, Mike Noyes, said: “Over 500,000 refugees have arrived in Greece this year, with thousands more expected to embark on the dangerous journey over the next few months. 

"As winter approaches conditions will become harsher and more treacherous. Freezing conditions will threaten the lives of refugees in camps, in ramshackle boats and on the streets of Europe.

“The EU-Africa summit offers an opportunity to change this. While the UK has been one of the leading donors in the Syrian humanitarian crisis more must be done to ensure that the response matches the staggering scale of this global challenge. 

“ActionAid is calling on the UK government to commit to resettling a greater number of refugees in the UK. This should be done sooner rather than later. Without urgent action we will only continue to see more lives lost to this devastating tragedy.”

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Photo credit: George Makkas/Panos Pictures/ActionAid.