Farah Nazeer, ActionAid UK responds to the US elections

11 November 2020

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Trump’s administration undermined human rights worldwide so Joe Biden’s win signals a new chapter for all.

We hope to see progress on women’s rights in particular, given the sustained attack of the last four years which set back decades of progress achieved through the tireless campaigning of the women’s movement around the world. This, in addition to the gross injustices against Black people that have sparked renewed anti-racism mass actions in the US and globally means we need to take an honest, challenging and fundamental review of the ways in which existing power structures enable and perpetuate deep inequalities.

We also look forward to seeing a return to stronger multilateralism, including the Paris Agreement, which urgently needs ambitious climate action to avert catastrophic global warming. Billions of people in the Global South, who are the least to blame for this crisis, are already losing their lives and livelihoods.

The fact that Kamala Harris will become the first female, the first black woman and the first Asian to become Vice President sets a great example worldwide. In communities large and small, women  like Harris are leading change. With the support of ActionAid and our partners, women and girls are building a new world that is safe and equal. A world in which no woman lives in fear of violence. A world in which a world in which everyone has access to good quality public services which are free at point of use, including education, childcare and healthcare. A world of greater economic opportunity for all. It is vital we stand with them.