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Global response too slow as risk of Ebola deaths rises

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ActionAid Head of Humanitarian Response Mike Noyes, said: “The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa has already claimed almost three times more lives than all previous historic outbreaks of the disease and is continuing to grow rapidly

“But as the UN said today the global response in providing financial assistance remains desperately slow. The reality is that if we want to prevent Ebola spreading further we have to tackle it at source in West Africa.

“There remains an urgent demand in countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone for more doctors, nurses, medical supplies and support for preventative measures. It is vital the world increase its efforts in fighting the disease.”

(1) This figure was calculated by ActionAid and is based on World Health Organisation data. On October 16th 2014  the WHO reported that until October 12th there have been 4,493 confirmed deaths from Ebola in the current outbreak. Previously the WHO had recorded 1,590 reported deaths from four separate Ebolavirus species including Tai Forest, Bundibugyo, Zaire and Sudan – dating back to the discovery of the virus in 1976 .

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