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Government must examine role of UK tax advisers abroad

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ActionAid Director of Policy, Barry Johnston, responding to proposals for new penalties for tax advisers facilitating tax avoidance, said:

“This is a welcome early move from the Prime Minister to show she is taking the issue of corporate tax avoidance seriously. Before the last election ActionAid called for new measures to tackle unscrupulous tax advisers who act with impunity and damage the reputation of the industry.
“However, corporate tax avoidance is a global problem which cannot be solved by the UK alone. Given developing countries lose an estimated US$200 billion a year to corporate tax avoidance, leaving the schools and hospitals women and children rely on starved of resources, the government also needs to examine at the role of UK tax advisers in tax avoidance schemes in poor countries.
“Theresa May could be the Prime Minister who finally takes on the scourge of corporate tax avoidance. Tackling British overseas tax havens, ending the race to the bottom on corporate tax rates and stopping the artificial shifting of profits around the world would send a powerful signal.
“September’s G20 meeting provides the perfect platform to kick start that process.”
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·         In 2013 an ActionAid investigation found Deloitte had been providing advice to large companies on how to avoid tax using the tax haven of Mauritius.