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Hurricane Sandy: providing shelter, preventing cholera

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ActionAid is providing food, water and temporary shelters to thousands of people affected by Hurricane Sandy in Haiti.

Preventing a return of cholera, providing shelter and helping farmers whose crops have been destroyed will be the main priorities for ActionAid in the coming days and weeks.

The hurricane killed 52 people in Haiti over the weekend as it made its way across the Caribbean before hitting the United States and authorities say 15 people are still missing.

Many parts of Haiti, including the capital Port-au-Prince, have suffered severe flooding, which has closed roads and brought down communication networks.

“Many people in the capital are still living in tents since the earthquake that struck in 2010. These tents cannot withstand strong winds and flooding, so many people have been made homeless again,” said Daniel Gedeon, ActionAid’s Emergency Response Manager.

“A critical priority is to prevent a return of the cholera outbreak, as floods can cause unsanitary conditions. We are giving out hygiene kits to prevent this from happening. On top of that there has been a lot of crop damage, so food prices could rise.”

However there was some positive news. ActionAid’s disaster risk reduction work in Philippeaux, an area of the capital, was able to keep residents safe during the hurricane. Gullies and channels constructed as part of a cash for work programme in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake helped divert rainwater away from homes that would otherwise have flooded, highlighting the importance of preparing for disasters such as hurricanes.

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