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Justine Greening as International Development Secretary

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The Government has announced who is to take over from Andrew Mitchell as the UK’s new International Development Secretary.

Justine Greening has been appointed as International Development Secretary. ActionAid UK’s Director Richard Miller, responds to the news:

"We warmly welcome Justine Greening to the role of Secretary of State for International Development.  She takes over at a defining period for international development as the deadly combination of the global food crisis and economic turmoil are hitting the world’s poorest people hard.

"As a former participant in the Conservative Party’s social action programme in Rwanda, we know that she has seen the devastating effects of global poverty for herself.

"Top of Justine Greening’s list should be ensuring that the Government delivers on, and legislates for, its historic pledge to spend 0.7% GNI on aid.

"This is alongside supporting poor countries to raise their own income and move away from aid dependency, especially by cracking down on tax dodging. 

"A major priority for her should be ensuring that the Prime Minister can deliver on his pledge to ensure that women’s empowerment is at the heart of the successor to the Millennium Development Goals.

"Andrew Mitchell has much to be proud of from his time as Secretary of State for International Development, not least his passionate defence of the Government’s commitment to spending 0.7% of GNI on aid, his commitment to putting women and girls at the heart of international development and his relentless focus on transparency."