"Utter paralysis in parliament” over Gaza vote 

21 February 2024

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Halima Begum, CEO of ActionAid UK, said: “We are extremely disappointed to see the utter paralysis in Parliament this evening. 

"Democracy is a precious commodity and should be treated as such. A great disservice has been done to the British people, who expected their political parties and elected representatives to conduct a meaningful debate concerning an issue on which depends the lives of over a hundred Israeli hostages, and hundreds of thousands of Gazans suffering one of the most acute humanitarian crises we have seen in recent times.  

“MPs know that over two-thirds of their constituents want an end to the war, an increase in humanitarian aid, and the safe return of the hostages. It’s time to put people’s lives above politics. We urge our parliamentarians to act with their conscience for the sake of humanity, and to somehow find a way to move forward on the desperate need for a ceasefire to end the senseless suffering for all the innocents involved in this crisis.” 



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