Review shows UK 'must do more' to meet UN Global Goals

26 June 2019

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A Government review of Britain’s progress against the UN’s global development goals has found that the UK has made “significant strides” in meeting the targets, but that more remains to be done.

The report, presented by International Development Secretary Rory Stewart, said that more work was needed on the key UK priorities of reducing poverty and ensuring “no one is left behind”.

Commenting, Anne Quesney, a senior women’s rights advocacy advisor at ActionAid UK, said:

“It’s good to see ministers reasserting the UK’s role in the fight to end global poverty, and recognising how women and girls are particularly affected by violence, economic injustice and climate change – to name just a few major global challenges which fuel gender inequality. But we need to go further. Women and girls – and especially grassroots women’s rights organisations – are absolutely central to the fight to end global poverty, inequality and instability. This is why gender needs to be at the heart of all policymaking – from trade to aid to foreign affairs and beyond. Only then will the Government’s ambition to ‘leave no one behind’ be truly met.”


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