Statement on CPS figures: "Rape decriminalised"

12 September 2019

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In response to the news that rape charges, prosecutions and convictions in England and Wales have fallen to their lowest levels in more than a decade, Anne Quesney, Senior Women’s Rights Advocacy Adviser at ActionAid UK says:

“It is shocking that in 2019, rape prosecutions in the UK are at their lowest level for a decade. This is essentially a ‘decriminalisation’ of rape.

"Over the last two years, with movements like #MeToo, more and more women are speaking out against violence, but they are being let down when it comes to getting justice. At ActionAid we know that many women and girls find reporting to the police and going through court traumatic – it’s very common for them to feel like they are being blamed for what happened.

"The global justice system needs to be reformed urgently to change this and prioritise providing women and girls the justice they deserve.”


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Notes to editors:

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