UK pledges to double aid to Syria: ActionAid response | ActionAid UK

UK pledges to double aid to Syria: ActionAid response

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Ahead of the Syria Donors Conference the UK government has announced plans to double aid funding to Syrian refugees. Commenting on the announcement, Mike Noyes, ActionAid’s Head of Humanitarian Response, says: 

“We welcome the news that the UK government is set to increase funding for international aid in Syria and the region to support the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis.

“Beyond this conference these generous aid commitments must be match with a resolve to shoulder the UK’s fair share of the responsibility for those refugees currently surviving in dreadful conditions here in Europe as well. 

“Today’s Syria Donors Conference needs to be about something more concrete than just paying Syria’s neighbours to look after the world’s problems. Europe must also play its role in ensuring in providing safe haven and assistance to refugees on its own borders allowing safe and legal migration, family re-unification and support for vulnerable cases and not simply pay others to tackle the problem."


ActionAid has been working with Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon since 2013. We are also working on the island of Lesvos where we have set up women’s friendly spaces in the camps in Kara Tepe and Moria.