International Migrants Day: Europe must act urgently

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On International Migrants Day, ActionAid warns that without "urgent action we will only continue to see more lives lost to this devastating tragedy."

ActionAid's Head of Humanitarian Response, Mike Noyes, who visited Lesvos last week, said:

“Over 700,000 refugees have arrived in Greece this year, with many more expected to embark on the dangerous journey over the next few months. The winter months mean freezing conditions will now threaten the lives of refugees in camps, in overcrowded boats and on the streets of Europe.

“The UK has shown some compassion in its response to the refugee crisis, but it has not gone far enough. With thousands of people still homeless and at risk this winter, we must urgently look at the support Europe is providing to those who are forced to flee their homes due to incredibly dangerous and difficult circumstances.  

"Last week in Lesvos I met families with small children who had fled in fear of barrel bombing or from ISIS or the Taliban and are looking to Europe and the UK to provide them with safety and shelter

“ActionAid is calling on the UK government to show ambition and commit to resettling a greater number of refugees in the UK. Without urgent action we will only continue to see more lives lost to this devastating tragedy.”

Photo credit: George Makkas/Panos Pictures/ActionAid