KS2 Amazon rainforest, Brazil package

This is our complete Amazon rainforest package for Key Stage 2. In this download you'll receive our brilliant KS2 worksheets, activities, PowerPoints and rainforest pictures, as well as the chance to introduce your class to the issue of deforestation and its impacts on the planet. Also available for KS1.

What's in my download?

In this exhaustive set of resources, you'll find everything you could need to explore the Amazon rainforest with a Key Stage 2 class, including:

  • 'Welcome to Brazil' quiz, colourful Brazil factsheet and map activity to explore Brazil's physical features and help your class locate the Amazon rainforest
  • A powerful photoset like the one below to bring the Amazon rainforest to life
  • Amazing Amazon rainforest facts and activities to show why trees are so important
  • A deforestation factsheet and activities to explore the dangers the Amazon rainforest faces and the impacts on the wider planet
  • Persuasive writing and debating exercises to get pupils investigating the possible solutions to issues affecting the rainforest
  • Teacher notes to help you get the most out of your download

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