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"If I met my sponsor I would thank them for the support they give me and the other children in my village," said 11-year-old Fahima from Ghana, seen here drawing a picture for her sponsor.

Top tips on writing to your sponsored child

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Time and time again children from around the world tell us how much they love to receive letters from you - their sponsors, their overseas friends. Children's laughter rings out as they look at the letters and photos delivered by our local staff. It takes just a few minutes to write a letter - but the effect is everlasting. The friendship formed through child sponsorship is a powerful thing, and one of the reasons why I wanted to share with you the happiness your letters bring and encourage you to write.    

Nimah is the volunteer chair of a women’s rights coalition in her community in Somaliland. ActionAid’s Fearless campaign calls on the government to support organisations like Nimah’s.

This World Poetry Day, I want to tell you about some amazing activist poets who have inspired our latest campaign to end violence against women. Read about them below and find out how you can join our global, crowd-sourced poem of hope.

He Named Me Malala Official Trailer

The story of Pakistani schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, struck a chord with the world when she was attacked by the Taliban in 2009 for simply speaking out on girls’ right to education. Today the film He named me Malala will be screened across cinemas in the UK. It looks at Malala's life, her relationship with her father and what drove her courage to fight for an issue she so deeply believed in.

Najiba, right, with her family

A shocking one in three women experience violence during their lifetimes. But at ActionAid, we see some of the thousands of fearless women leading the fight against violence. Najiba, from Afghanistan, works as a paralegal for women, giving hope to thousands in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. This is how she’s dedicated her life to defending women.

An ActionAid women's group in West Bengal, with over 200 members, who come together to learn about their rights

Our top 5 most inspirational women

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We hear shocking stories almost every day about horrific things that happen to women and girls across the world - from female genital mutilation to violent rape, such as the tragic case of Jyoti Singh in India. But in every country we work in there are incredibly brave women fighting to end violence against women and stand up for gender equality. This International Women's Day, we want to celebrate them.

Women come together in an ActionAid Reflect Circle to support one another and learn new skills

This week I have spent time with Najiba, an incredibly brave woman who risks her life on a daily basis to help women escape violence in Afghanistan.Despite facing death threats and constantly fearing for her - and her children's - lives, Najiba has become an ActionAid-trained paralegal and runs a shelter for women. She has now helped more than 100 female victims of domestic violence.