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Desert locusts can be solitary, but when crowded together with other locusts, can change colour, move faster, and work together as a swarm.

The destructive desert locust is causing widespread havoc and devastation in East Africa right now by feeding on vital food crops and pastures that local families need to live.Find out what a desert locust is, why it’s potentially dangerous and how ActionAid are working on the ground to fight this menace.

Nimo, 35, fears for the lives of her children, as her cattle – her only source of income and food - waste away due to the drought in Somaliland

Up to 12 million people across Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia and Kenya are in urgent need of food assistance as severe drought has caused a humanitarian crisis. ActionAid is distributing food and water but the situation is critical. In Ethiopia alone more than three million people are acutely malnourished and famine could soon be a reality.​

We distribute sanitary kits like this to women in emergencies. This kit is for a refugee woman on Lesvos.

Why everyone's talking about periods

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‘The blob’, ‘Aunty Flow’, "Shark Week" - there are nearly 5000 euphemisms for periods. We want to end the secrecy around menstruation so girls and women can go to school and work without stigma or shame. 



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In Ethiopia, ActionAid works to prevent violence against women and girls, helps women claim their rights to earn a living and supports girls' access to education. We train women to recognise, prevent and report all forms of violence against women and girls including child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM).

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Dase, 12, with girls in school in Ethiopia who will benefit from new school buildings and toilets.

Toilets? We probably don’t give them too much thought in our day to day life. Why would we? But what if we were one of the 2.4 billion – yes billion - people across the globe who didn’t have access to a clean or safe toilet?

Emilia listens to students reading at the Annaso school in Girar Jarso community, Ethiopia.

ActionAid ambassador, actress Emilia Fox travelled to Ethiopia, where over a quarter of the population live below the poverty line. Her diary highlights how helping women and children in extreme poverty helps to change their lives.