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One in three women worldwide will experience violence in their lifetime and beneath this violence is a common idea – that women and girls’ bodies are the property of men, for them to exploit and control.

The shame and stigma that millions of women and girls experience during their periods is yet another way of men exerting control over their bodies.

We want women and girls around the world to reclaim their rights to their bodies and lives, and say: My Body Is Mine.

By supporting #MyBodyIsMine, you can reclaim your body, side with survivors and shine a spotlight on violence against women and girls.

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Laura Callaghan

Laura Callaghan

Irish artist Laura Callaghan has collaborated with numerous high-profile clients including The Guardian, The Tate, Adidas, MTV and The Body Shop. Her vibrant, hand-drawn illustrations are often tongue-in-cheek observations of the modern woman’s everyday struggles. While many of her drawings are humorous, they all have a fiercely feminist feel.

To bring ActionAid’s My Body Is Mine campaign to life, Laura chose to portray what she describes as "a woman enjoying being in her skin in a moment of solitude and far away from harm." According to Callaghan, the phone and compact mirror submerged in water symbolise the outside world falling away, as well as any external ownership over the character’s body.

That’s what #MyBodyIsMine means to me. Being confident, safe and in control of our own bodies."





PATTERNITY is a creative organisation that inspires positive living through pattern research, design and experience. The organisation was founded in 2009 by a pair of pattern pioneers: creative director Anna Murray and pattern designer Grace Winteringham.

Anna and Grace have worked on pattern-focused projects, products and educational events with clients including the BBC, Nike, Vogue, Penguin, Design Museum and The New York Times.

For ActionAid’s t-shirt collaboration, the pair designed a red circle overlaid with a spiral repeatedly reading My Body Is Mine.

The circle is the symbol for unity and the spiral is the symbol for the cyclical nature of all life. The layering of the two represents the heart and womb coming into alignment – symbolising the true power of the feminine."



Poppy Chancellor 

Designed by Poppy Chancellor

Poppy Chancellor is a London-based illustrator specialising in customised paper artworks. Her clients have included brands such as Cath Kidston, Charlotte Olympia and Nike, and she has made gifts for the Royal Family.

In 2016, Poppy wrote her first book, Cut It Out!, on the art of papercutting, cementing her position as an industry leader. She continues to share her knowledge through workshops and events for institutions such as the V&A and Tate Modern.

I love creating images of sisterhood and beauty, so when I was approached by ActionAid I jumped at the chance. The difference they are making to communities world-wide is truly inspirational. That’s why my image of these three women shows their strength, courage and independence."



Ruby Taylor

Ruby Taylor

Ruby Taylor is an illustrator and designer who has worked with clients including Vogue, Stylist, ASOS, Google and Adidas. Her distinctive style is warm, playful and has a nostalgic feel to it.

For the ActionAid t-shirt collaboration, Ruby chose to overlay the phrase ‘None of your business’ over an orange heart.

The policing and abuse of women's bodies must end, I wanted this t-shirt to be a simple message expressing how each woman should have autonomy over her own body and be able to make choices which are right for her – and these choices are basically none of anyone else's business. I really hope one day this will be true for everyone!"



Clio Peppiatt

Unique MBIM T-shirt

Clio Peppiatt is a London-based womenswear designer who has worked on collections for major publications including Elle, I-D and Love Magazine. In 2015, Clio launched her own ethical label, which uses vegan leathers and other sustainable fabrics, with the aim of creating unique and positive clothes to make women feel happy, bold and fearless.

Clio is known for her intricate and playful designs, which often explore themes of modern-day femininity. In 2015 she co-created a one-night-only exhibition exploring sexual liberation called Female Matters, supporting a female genital mutilation (FGM) charity.

For the ActionAid t-shirt collaboration, Clio chose to illustrate four nude women around the words My Body is Mine.



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