Naneen Akter Nazma and her son Junaid, who was born after she survived the Bangladesh Rana Plaza factory collapse.
Naneen Akter Nazma’s miracle son Junaid was born after she survived the Bangladesh Rana Plaza factory collapse, but her husband died. ActionAid is part of the campaign seeking compensation.
Photo: ActionAid

ActionAid started work in Bangladesh in 1983 and now helps over half a million people to address poverty, claim their rights and prepare for natural disasters.

We work with 62 organisations as part of local communities, specifically helping the most vulnerable including poor women and girls, street children, people with disabilities, and landless groups.

Supporting women's rights in Bangladesh

ActionAid helps women to claim their rights to land, skills training and fair employment conditions.

After the tragic Rana Plaza clothes factory collapse in 2013, ActionAid provided immediate emergency support and continues to be part of the campaign to claim compensation for survivors and families of the dead.

Over a number of years we have trained 200,000 women garment workers to demand fair pay and safe working conditions from their employers.

As part of our work to speak out on violence against women and girls, we are helping to improve access to justice for survivors of acid attacks.

Preparing for natural disasters in Bangladesh

Bangladesh suffers from extreme weather like cyclones and hurricanes. About a third of the country floods every year during the monsoon.

Cyclone Sidr in 2007 left thousands dead and many more without food and shelter. ActionAid supplied emergency food and water, clothing, medication and psychosocial care. Three years later and Cyclone Aila hit.

ActionAid has been working with communities to help them prepare for disasters for over 12 years. We teach young people about the risks and help local women's groups influence government policies on climate change impacts.

Child sponsorship in Bangladesh

Sponsor a child in BangladeshSponsor a child in BangladeshMuktha is a sponsored child (pictured right with her mother Sofikun) and is helping her entire community.

Thanks to child sponsorship, ActionAid worked with groups in her village to set up a farming cooperative to train women on seed preservation and sowing techniques.

Now with food available and a source of income, families can send their children to school and pay for school materials. Concentration has also improved as children are no longer going hungry.

How you can help

Women and girls are often the hardest hit by poverty and the most vulnerable. In a country like Bangladesh, they struggle to claim their rights. You can help ensure the voices of women are heard with our She CAN... appeal.