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Where your money goes


Our expenditure in 2018

Our expenditure in 2018: pie chart
Area of expenditure (£m) %
Programme work, including emergency and humanitarian response


32.4 69%


7.8 17%
Support costs (running the organisation)


4.9 11%
Campaigning for change


1.5 3%
Total 46.6  

What you helped us achieve in 2018

Every day we hear incredible stories of how the lives of women and girls are changing for the better.

With your support in 2018, our work has helped to transform lives — whether that’s by ending harmful period shaming practices in Nepal, distributing life-saving aid in emergencies, or training women and girls with skills that help lift them out of poverty. 

Here are just a few examples of how your donations helped the most vulnerable women and girls in 2018. 


Page updated 7 July 2020